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Course Placement Information for First-Year Students

English Language and Culture Program (ELCP)

  • The ELCP placement exam is intended for all international students whose native language is not English or by invitation of the ELCP coordinator. The ELCP exam is mandatory.
  • The exam includes a written (30 minute essay) and oral assessment (20 minutes).
  • The purpose of the exam is to determine need for ELCP class placement.
  • A student with TOEFL below 550 (paper exam) and 213 (computer exam), 79 (internet based test), or below 5.0 on essay exam needs to take one or more ELCP classes.
  • For more information about advising Non-Native Speakers of English see pg. 16 in this handbook.

The departments that offer special advising information and/or placement testing for students considering taking their courses are:

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Mathematics
• Modern Languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish) 


Guidelines for students interested in enrolling in BIOL 210: Principles of Biology:

• Students who have a SAT score of 1020 (combined math and critical reading) or higher or an ACT score of 22 (composite) or higher may register for BIOL 210.
• Students whose SAT or ACT scores do not meet the above guidelines are advised to talk with their advisors and carefully consider how they would balance meeting the rigorous demands of BIOL 210 with other courses in the fall semester. Registering in BIOL 210 the following fall may be more appropriate for these students.


Guidelines for students interested in enrolling in CHEM 210: General Chemistry:

• Students who have a SAT Math score of 560 or higher or an ACT Math score of 24 or higher may register for CHEM 210.
• Students whose SAT or ACT scores do not meet the above guidelines are advised to complete an online advising placement exam prior to registering for CHEM 210. The exam will evaluate a student’s science and math background and provide valuable information that will help you and the student make an informed choice regarding the student’s preparation for and enrollment in CHEM 210.

To take the Chemistry online advising placement exam, have the students follow the instructions at

Modern Languages

Students who have previous experience in a foreign language in high school and would like to continue study in that language at the college level should refer to the self-advising placement information is available online at  for the following languages:

• Chinese
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Spanish

Test Score Information that may Appear on the Data Sheet



Math (800 highest possible score)
Verbal (800 highest possible score)
Writing (800 highest possible score)

*Math score of 520 or higher fulfills math proficiency requirement for graduation from Linfield.

ACT         English                     1-36                          Science                    1-36  
               Math                        1-36                          Reasoning                1-36                          
                Reading                   1-36

*A score of 22 or higher on the math portion of the ACT fulfills the math proficiency requirement for graduation from Linfield.

Advanced Placement Tests

The college accepts AP scores of 4 and 5.  If a student has taken one or more AP exams, a record of the scores should appear in the student’s file.  Typically, 4 to 5 elective credits will be awarded upon evaluation.  These scores do not meet LC requirements.  Exams for which credit will be given are:

American Gov’t/Politics English Language & Composition Music Theory Spanish Language Biology
Comparative Gov’t/Politics English Literature & Composition French Language Spanish Literature Chemistry
American History Art History French Literature Calculus AB Physics B
European History Studio Art-Drawing German Language Calculus BC Physics C-Mechanics
Macroeconomics  Studio Art-General Latin/Vergil Computer Science A Physics C-Electricity/Magnetism
Microeconomics Music Listening & Literature Latin/Catullus, Horace Computer Science AB



International Baccalaureate

Linfield College recognizes the International Baccalaureate Diploma and subject examinations, and awards credit on a course-by-course basis for higher level courses passed with the grade 5, 6, or 7.  To receive credit, students should request that a copy of their IB transcript be sent to the Registrar’s office. 

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Credit is given for course work earned through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).  These are evaluated on a course-by-course basis, but do not satisfy Linfield Curriculum requirements. 

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