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Linfield Curriculum (revised 2008)

Category Credits Courses
Inquiry Seminar (INQS) 4 1
Six Modes of Inquiry Minimum Credits Minimum Courses
Creative Studies 3 1
Individuals, Systems, and Societies (IS) 3 1
Natural World (NW) 3 1
Ultimate Questions (UQ) 3 1
Vital Past (VP) 3 1
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3 1
Upper Division Course in one of the six modes of inquiry 3 1
Diversity Studies    
U.S. Pluralisms (US) 3 1
Global Pluralisms (GP) 3 1
Total   10


  • There is no double-counting between the Six Modes of Inquiry, the INQS, the Upper Division requirement, and the Diversity courses (GP and US).
  • Courses taken to satisfy Linfield Curriculum requirements may count toward completion of a major or minor, with the exception of the INQS.
  • The Upper Division Course requirement may only be met with a course taken outside the major department and numbered 300 or above.
  • No more than 2 courses from a single department may count toward completion of the 2008 Linfield Curriculum.
  • Any single course transferred from another institution to complete LC requirements must be at least 3 semester credits or 4 quarter credits.

Submitting work to TaskStream for credit: 

A student must submit an exemplar from their LC courses to receive LC credit for those courses. The exemplars can be any assignment (test, paper, project, etc) the student feels meets the learning objective(s) for that Linfield Curriculum credit.  All exemplars should be submitted to TaskStream by the end of the semester the student took the course.  Transfer students should submit their exemplars for transfer credit by the end of their first semester at Linfield. 

For more information please refer to the college catalog ( or the TaskStream Portal Website.