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International Non-Native English Speaking Students

Note:  It is important to ask your student if he/she is working toward a degree at Linfield or is here on a special one-year program.

1) International students, here on an F-1 visa, must take a minimum of 12 credits to maintain their student visa status.

2) Ask to see your student's ELCP (English Language and Culture Program) requirement sheet. The Office of Academic Advising will circulate results after placement exams are given.  If you have questions regarding the sheet, please call Sandra Lee, x2503).

3) Your advisee is required to take courses in the English Language and Culture Program if his/her scores fall below:

                  TOEFL (paper) 550                                                ELCP Essay 5.0

                  TOEFL (iBT - internet based) 80                             ELCP Interview 4.0

                  TOEFL (iBT writing subscore) 24

4) If your student is taking 12 hours or more of ELCP classes, please advise him/her to add only paracurricular classes from list A below.

5) If your student has fewer than 12 hours of ELCP requirements, you might suggest other classes from list B below.

6) International students taking ELCP courses should not be allowed to take courses in the Adult Degree Program (ADP) as part of their minimum 12 hour commitment to be considered full-time students.

7) If your students need no ELCP classes but are degree candidates, they are strongly advised to take an Inquiry Seminar during their first semester at Linfield. ***Please note: ELCP students should NOT take an INQS until all ELCP requirements are met satisfactorily.

8) TWENTY-NINE ELCP CREDITS COUNT TOWARDS GRADUATION.  Students should be informed, however, that they might need more than 29 credit hours of ELCP coursework to prepare them for entry into an academic program.

9) Students in the English Language and Culture Program are required to obtain B- (2.70) or above in each of their advanced ELCP classes to exit the program and begin taking a full load of regular academic classes.

10) Federal law requires that international students notify a DSO (Designated School Official) when there is a change to their credit load, address, or academic program (e.g. change of major, advisor).   DSOs on the Linfield campus include Shaik Ismail, Michele Tomseth, or Marie Schmidt in the International Programs Office. 

Suggested paracurricular classes (list A):

(Please notice which have additional fees).

Other suggested classes for ELCP students (subject to space available and professor’s approval-many have additional fees) (list B):

HHPA 021-071

HHPA 180 Personal Health Promotion

Music Courses: MUSC 040-080

MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra

Community service courses with permission of the instructor (i.e., EDUC 040)

PSYC 101 Survey of Psychology

RELS 110 Approaches to Religion


TCCA 130 Interpersonal Communication


TCCA 230 Intercultural Communication


AAVC 110 Intro to Studio Art

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