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Linfield Curriculum (LC)

All students enrolling at Linfield (freshman or transfer) are required to upload a work sample from each class they are taking that satisfies an LC, in order to receive the LC credit. The work sample should exemplify how the class meets one of the Linfield Curriculum Objectives.

Taskstream instructions for uploading a Linfield Curriculum Objective assignment:

  1. Check out our Troubleshooting Taskstream video for help logging in and uploading an exemplar
  2. Log in to Taskstream
  3. Click on "Linfield Curriculum"
  4. Click on an LC on the left hand menu or on the Scores/Results tab at the top of the page
  5. Upload a work sample from one of your classes that you think exemplifies one of the Linfield Curriculum Objectives
  6. Complete the online form and provide a brief rationale  as to how the work sample meets the Linfield Curriculum Objectives
  7. Click on submit and you are done.  You can upload as many work samples as you like – be sure to include a brief description/rational for each sample uploaded.