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Glossary of Terms

Academic alert – An instructor issues an Academic Alert when a student is performing poorly in the course.  Students receiving an academic alert should arrange to speak with the professor as soon as possible.

Advisor – Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor who serves as a mentor.  A student may choose a new advisor upon declaring or changing a major.  Once a major is declared, the Faculty Advisor must be in the department where the major is housed.

Audit – A course may be taken for audit to gain foundational knowledge for another course.  Auditing a course requires regular attendance.  No credit is given towards the Linfield Curriculum, major or degree requirements.  (Tuition charges include audited courses.)

Colloquium – Colloquium is a one-credit course required of all freshmen upon entering Linfield fall semester.  The course provides assistance in making the transition from high school to college.

Co-requisite – A co-requisite is a course taken concurrently with another course.  The material covered provides foundational knowledge for the first course.

Credit – Credits are hours completed toward graduation.  Course credits vary from 1-5.  No credit is given for a failed course.

Cumulative GPA – The overall grade point average (GPA) for the semesters of enrollment at Linfield.

Elective – Any course taken that does not count toward the Linfield Curriculum, major, minor or degree requirements.  Because 125 credits are required for graduation, most students take many electives.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) – A federal law prohibiting disclosure of information about a student’s record to external parties (including parents) without written consent of the student.

Fulltime – Enrollment in 10 or more credit more credit hours for a given semester. For financial aid purposes 12 credits is the minimum to be considered fulltime.

Grade point average (GPA) – The number of quality points (course grade multiplied by course credits: e.g., A=4.00 points x 3 credits = 12 quality points) divided by the number of total hours attempted for a given semester.

Linfield Curriculum (LCs) – The general education component of the bachelor’s degree.  The LC includes the Inquiry Seminar (IQS), five areas of inquiry (Vital Past, Images and Arts, Ultimate Questions, Individuals, Systems and Societies, and Natural World), a diversity requirement, a major writing intensive course (MWI), and a paracurricular requirement.

Leave of absence – Formal notification to the Registrar that a student intends to take a leave from Linfield for one or more semesters.  The student’s deposit remains on file during a leave of absence.

Overload petition – A petition must be filed when enrolling in more than 16 credit hours unless the student holds a 3.5 cumulative GPA.

Paracurricular – Any course carrying a number below 100.  Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  A maximum of eight (8) paracurricular credits may count toward graduation requirements.

Prerequisite – A course that must be completed prior to taking another course in order to gain foundational knowledge.

Probation – Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.00 are put on academic probation.  If the cumulative GPA does not reach 2.00 by the end of the next semester of enrollment the student will be suspended.

Reinstatement – A student who has been suspended may apply for reinstatement through the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee.  Appeals for reinstatement must include supporting documentation.

Section – The same course may be offered at several different times.  Each time slot is referred to as a section.  The two digits following the course number indicate the section (e.g., PHI 160 02).

Suspension – Students on probation who fail to bring their cumulative GPA to a 2.00 the next semester of enrollment will be suspended from Linfield.  Suspensions may be appealed under certain circumstances.

Term GPA – The grade point average earned for a particular semester.

Transcript – An official record, issued by the Registrar, of the student’s academic work (cost is $5.00).  Unofficial transcripts may be printed from the student’s WebAdvisor account.

Transfer credit – Credit earned at another institution that is equivalent to coursework at Linfield.  Quarter system credits will transfer as .67 semester credits.

Unit box – The student’s on-campus mailbox, located in Withnell Commons.

WebAdvisor – An online program where students can access information about classes, grades, and accounts.

Withdrawal – Formal notification to the Registrar that a student is permanently leaving Linfield College.

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