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Keeping up with your classes when you are ill

As a college student, it's important to maintain a connection with your instructors and classmates when you are ill.  If you begin to feel syptoms of illness, especially if the symptoms are associated with the H1N1 (Swine) flu virus, attend to your self care by referring to the Student Health Center or your medical provider and maintain your academic record by following these recommendations:

Communicate with your professors and classmates

  • It is crucial to contact your professors, either by phone (leave a message if they are out of the office) or through email to notify them that you are feeling ill and may miss class. 
  • Contact classmates to confirm that they are attending class and ask if they'll review  the material that you miss at a later date. 
  • If assignments are due, ask the instructor if you may submit your assignment electronically and confirm the appropriate format for submission. 
  • Faculty may prefer assignment submission via email or through BlackBoard.  
  • Communicate regularly with faculty in a concise, professional manner - let them know the status of your condition, any questions you have about keeping up with class, and when you expect you will be able to return to class.

Refer to the syllabus for specific class expectations regarding absence and missed assignments due to illness

It is likely that useful information regarding your professor's contact information and course expectations in the event of illness are included in the course syllabus.  Refer to this information and communicate accordingly with your professors.

Remember deadlines and drop-dates

Class continues on, even when you are ill and unable to attend.  In some cases, you may not be able to keep up with the course matieral if you are ill.  Communicate frankly with your professors about the expectations for submitting make-up or late work and the possibility of taking an incomplete in the course if you fall behind.  You may consider dropping the course if it appears that you will not be able to succeed in the course. 

Check the academic calendar for add/drop deadlines!

Check in with your faculty advisor and others for support

There are many people on campus who care about your personal and academic health.  Keep in touch with them about how you are doing  - you might find that they are incredible sources of support, information, and advice. 

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