Advising Newsletter
Spring 2013
Office of Academic Advising - Walker Hall 124 - - 503.883.2250

Important Dates

  • March 11: Transfer Student Social
    • When: 11:45a.m.-12:45p.m.
    • Where: Fred Meyer Lounge, Riley Hall
  • March 25–29 : Spring Break
  • April 8: Registration begins for fall semester
  • April 19: Last day to withdraw from a class with a 'W'
  • May 22: Last Day of Class
  • May 24, 28-30 : Finals Week
  • June 1-2: Commencement


In This Issue:

We Moved! Academic Advising is now in Walker 124 

Academic Advising Staff Changes

Thursday, March 14: Academic Advising and Career Development Open House

Colloquium Faculty and Peer Advisor Recruitment

Registration Is Coming....Start Planning Now

Faculty Corner: Electronic Add/Drop Form

Student Corner: Maggie Hawkins

Troubleshooting TaskStream

Contributing Writers

  • Lindsey Gummersall
  • Rhianna Bennett
  • Keana Cramer
  • Ellen Crabtree

We Moved! Academic Advising is now in Walker 124

We are now located in Walker 124, sharing office space with Career Development.  Stop by our new digs and visit us (see below for info on our open house next week)!

Academic Advising Staff Changes

Effective January 2013, Academic Advising staff is as follows:

  • Ellen Crabtree, Interim Director of Academic Advising (,
  • Lindsey Gummersall, Interim Academic Advisor (
  • Dr. Janet Peterson, Faculty Fellow for Academic Advising (
  • Keana Cramer, Student Office Assistant 
  • Rhianna Bennet, Student Communications and Social Media Assistant
  • Tami Harrell, Office Coordinator (shared with Career Development) (

We continue to offer quality support and information to students and faculty.  Visit us in Walker 124, give us a call at 503.883.2250, send us an email at or follow our Linfield Academic Advising Facebook page.


Mark Your Calendar!  Academic Advising and Career Development Open House

Thursday, March 14, Walker 124 HUB

Join us at the Academic Advising and Career Development Open House! In the spirit of Pi Day, we are collaborating with Student Health, Wellness, and Counseling to host an open house coinciding with their Pi Day Run/Walk. Stop by and have some food, meet the staff and see our new space.

Walker Hall Open House



Colloquium Faculty and Peer Advisor Recruitment

Faculty members interested in working with first-year students and wishing to represent their departments in the Colloquium Program are encouraged to contact Ellen Crabtree by March 15. Peer Advisor applications will continue to be accepted via CatConnect.  


Registration is coming soon! Start planning now.

Registration for Fall 2013 begins on April 8.  The Registration Schedule (indicating your time to register) will be posted on the Registrar's Office website in the coming weeks.  The registration schedule is based on completed credits (credits for courses in which you are currently enrolled do not count).  If you are not sure how many credits you have, check your transcript on WebAdvisor.

Before registering for classes, you will need to meet with your Faculty Advisor and be approved to register in WebAdvisor. Here are some tips for planning a productive advising meeting:

  • Schedule early.  Your advisor is meeting with many students before registration.  Don't wait until the last minute to schedule your appointment.
  • Set goals for the advising appointment.  What do you hope to get out of the appointment?  What do you hope to learn?  Do you have questions beyond simply what courses you should take?  Write them down and arrive at the appointment with a clear idea of the information that you want to come away with.
  • Come prepared!  Print your program evaluation and transcript from WebAdvisor.  Review the list of Fall 2013 course offerings (coming soon) on the Registrar's Office website or on WebAdvisor and sketch out your proposed schedule.  Bring your college catalog, LC worksheet, and any other useful records.
  • Talk about more than just classes.  Because you already did the legwork on putting together a schedule, it shouldn't take too much time for your advisor to review your proposed schedule and suggest some alternatives. Use the rest of your appointment time to discuss long-term planning in your major, ideas about internships and other professional experiences, or simply how things are going in your classes right now.  If you have alot of in-depth questions, consider scheduling a follow-up appointment with your advisor after registration, when his/her schedule isn't so booked.
  • Attention Sophomores! All students are encouraged to declare a major as soon as they are ready, but Linfield College policy requires that students declare a major once that have earned 45 credits.  This means that most students need to declare a major by the second semester of their sophomore year.  Undeclared students with more than 45 credits will be blocked from registration for next semester.  If you are are ready to declare you major or have already earned 45 or more credits, complete a Declaration of Major form (available in Walker 124 and online at Academic Advising Forms)
  • Thinking about taking summer classes? You have options. Linfield offers online classes through the Adult Degree Program (ADP).  These are Linfield classes, so it is easy to determine the requirements and LC's that would be satisfied by any of the classes.  You can also take classes at any acreddited institution. To determine how a class will transfer to Linfield before the summer term begins, complete a Domestic Transfer Course Approval Form and submit it to the Registrar.  Make sure to include a course description.  The Office of the Registrar will review your form and contact you with information about the transferability of the class and the requirements that the class would satisfy.

After your advising appointment, check to make sure your advisor has approved you for registration by going to  “Approved for Registration?” on WebAdvisor.  You will also need to make sure your account is clear and resolve any issues causing a registration hold on your account. Refer to the Registrar's Office website for more details.

Share your advising materials

Do you have an advising and registration checklist that works well for your department? Please share your checklist with us at  

Faculty Corner: Online Add/Drop Form

The Registrar’s office is going paperless with an online Add/Drop slip!  The Online Add/Drop form can be found on the Registrar’s webpage under forms and can be filled out completely online.  Once a student submits the form, electronic signatures will be requested from the appropriate faculty members.  Once approval has been granted the completed form will be sent to the Registrar’s Office and processed.  This form will allow faculty to be more flexible and approve the add/drop process without having to be on campus to sign the form. 

Have questions about the Online Add/Drop form? Contact the Registrar's Office at


Student Corner: Maggie Hawkins 

Maggie Hawkin's Colloquium project

Hailing from Redondo Beach, CA, Hawkins first visited Linfield during summer break.  Despite the lack of activity, she fell in love with the campus. Hawkins didn’t take it easy when she returned to Linfield for her freshman year.  An intended English major and Law, Rights, and Justice minor, Hawkins became an ASLC club senator, the FUSION secretary, a research assistant for Professor Nicholas Buccola, and a Douglas Fellow. She also completed the RA/PA Leadership course and recently submitted a RA application.

It comes as no surprise that she wowed advisor Professor Peter Richardson when she submitted her final project for Colloquium. On campus for Thanksgiving Break, Hawkins put together her project during the week-long break. The completed product featured neon puzzle pieces, each depicting a reason why she loves Linfield, layered on top of a foam board silhouette of a girl. Hawkins expanded on one of the puzzle pieces, just one of the many reasons she loves Linfield. "The Writing Center is great," said Hawkins. "I thought I was a good writer in high school, but then I got a 'B' on my first paper. A 'B' is a good grade, but I was surprised. I started going to the Writing Center, and even if I feel good about a paper, it's reassuring to hear 'Looks good to me'".

Maggie Hawkins has proven herself to be an outstanding individual and fantastic addition to the Linfield community.  She is making the most of her college experience and she is well on her way to having a fantastic four years at Linfield!

Academic Advising Youtube channel 

Tip: Visit the Wildcat Advising Youtube chanel for helpful videos about WebAdvisor and Taskstream.

Troubleshooting TaskStream

"To satisfy the requirement for each Mode of Inquiry and the Upper Division course, a student must demonstrate meeting the learning objectives of that mode by choosing an assignment, or collection of assignments, to post to an online repository [TaskStream]...To receive credit for the Mode of Inquiry, these exemplars must be posted by the last day of finals of the semester the course is taken." -Linfield College Course Catalog 2012-2013

Students who have taken LC courses at Linfield should use their syllabus or the Linfield College catalog to understand the LC learning objectives.  Using these objectives as a guideline, complete the appropriate LC form on TaskStream and upload an exemplar that demonstrates the learning objectives of the course.  Students who have transfer credits that fulfill LC designations should use the Linfield College catalog to review the learning objectives for that Mode of Inquiry.  Using this information, choose an exemplar assignment from the transfer course that demonstrates the learning outcomes of the designation.  If you no longer have an assignment from the course, please write a description of an assignment you completed for the course and upload the description as an attachment.  See the BlackBoard/TaskStream website for more information.

Have TaskStream questions?  Contact Amy Scholer, TaskStream Coordinator at


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