Spring 2012
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Registration Is Coming...Start Planning Now!

Attention Sophomores: Declare Your Major by April 6

Faculty Corner: What to do when your advisee switches to a new advisor

Planning Summer Classes

Pre-Nursing Advising Update

Important Dates

  • March 26–30 – Spring Break
  • April 9 – Registration begins  for fall semester
  • April 13 - Last day to withdraw from a class with a 'W'
  • May 17 – Last Day of Class
  • May 21–24 – Finals
  • May 26–27 – Commencement






Registration is coming...start planning now!

Registration for Fall 2012 begins on April 9.  Find out your time to register by checking the Registration Schedule on the Registrar's Office website.  The registration schedule is based on completed  credits (credits for courses in which you are currently enrolled do not count).  If you are not sure how many credits you have, check your transcript on WebAdvisor. 

Before registering for classes, you will need to meet with your Faculty Advisor and be approved to register in WebAdvisor. Here are some tips for planning a valuable advising meeting:

  • Schedule early.  Your advisor is meeting with alot of students right before registration.  Don't wait to the last minute to schedule your appointment.
  • Set goals for the advising appointment.  What do you hope to get out of the appointment?  What do you hope to learn?  Do you have questions beyond simply what courses you should take?  Write them down and arrive at the appointment with a clear idea of the information that you want to come away with.
  • Come prepared!  Print your program evaluation and transcript from WebAdvisor (the program evaluation function on WebAdvisor is new and improved!).  Review the list of course offerings on the Registrar's Office website or on WebAdvisor and sketch out your proposed schedule.  Bring your college catalog, LC worksheet, and any other useful records.
  • Talk about more than just classes.  Because you already did the legwork on putting together a schedule, it shouldn't take too much time for your advisor to review your proposed schedule and suggest some alternatives. Use the rest of your appointment time to discuss long-term planning in your major, ideas about internships and other professional experiences, or simply how things are going in your classes right now.  If you have alot of in-depth questions, consider scheduling a follow-up appointment with your advisor after registration, when his/her schedule isn't so booked.

After your advising appointment, check to make sure your advisor has approved you for registration by going to  “Approved for Registration?” on WebAdvisor.  You will also need to make sure your account is clear and resolve any issues causing a registration hold on your account. Refer to the Registration Information on the Registrar's Office website for more details.

WebAdvisor Hints

  • Use the 'Express Registration' tool to place classes into your preferred sections before you register.
  • Go to your preferred sections at your registartion time and  select 'Register' in the drop down menu of each of your classes, and click submit.

Declare your major by April 6

Attention Sophomores! 

 All students are encouraged to declare a major as soon as they are ready, but Linfield College policy requires that students declare a major once they have earned 45 credits.  This means that most students need to declare a major by the second semester of the sophomore year. Undeclared students with more than 45 credits will be blocked from registration for next semester. 

If you are ready to declare your major, and especially if you have already earned 45 or more credits, complete a Declaration of Major form  (available in Walker 104 and online at: http://www.linfield.edu/assets/files/advising/declaration.pdf ) and return it to the Academic Advising Office by Friday, April 6.

You may be pursuing a major and have simply neglected to file the documentation or perhaps you need assistance identifying a major or selecting a new advisor (who must be in your major field).  In either case, we would be happy to assist you.  Our office is located in Walker 104 and our drop-in hours are Monday-Friday 9:00-4:00 PM (exceptions posted).  If you cannot drop by our office during these times or have questions about this message, please send an email to aad@linfield.edu.



Faculty Corner: What to do when your advisee switches to a new advisor

Advising files are designed to provide a place for the faculty advisor to keep relevant materials for each of their advisees.  Advising files are compiled by the Office of Academic Advising once a student matriculates at Linfield. For first year students, advising files are provided to their Colloquium faculty advisors. Transfer student advising files are provided to their faculty advisor once the student has identified an area of study and a transfer advisor has been assigned.  We recommend that faculty advisors maintain brief notes about each visit with their advisees in their file.

When a student submits a declaration of major/change of advisor form to the Office of Academic Advising, the office will send a request to the previous advisor for the advising file to be returned to the office. Once the file is received, it will be updated with current advising information and then sent directly to the student's new faculty advisor.  Please either send the advising files via intercampus mail or hand deliver to the Office of Academic Advising.      

Planning Summer Classes

Thinking about taking classes this summer?  You have options.

Linfield offers online classes through the Adult Degree Program (ADP).  These are Linfield classes, so it's easy to determine the requirements and LCs that would be satisfied by any of the classes. Also, the grades you earn in these classes will be calculated into your Linfield GPA. Check your unit boxes in early April for a brochure featuring the list of summer class offerings and a registration form.  You'll also be able to pick up these forms at the DCE office in Malthus Hall.  Cost per credit is $375 this summer; an online fee of $45 per credit is also charged (not to exceed $135 per class).  Registration for DCE summer classes will begin May 14. Check the ADP website in April for more information.

You can also take classes at any accredited institution, perhaps in your hometown.  To determine how a class (or classes) will transfer to Linfield before the summer term begins, complete a "Preliminary Domestic Transfer Course Form” at the Office of the Registrar. Include all the details about the class and attach a class description.  The Registrar's Office will review your form and contact you with information about the transferability of the class and the requirements that the class would satisfy.  Keep in mind that if you take summer classes at a school using the quarter system, the credit you earn will be converted to semester credit is dividing by 1.5; that is, a class worth 4 quarter credits will be only 2.67 credits semester credits.  

Discuss your plans for summer classes with your faculty advisor.  Your advisor's signature is required to register for Linfield ADP classes.

Pre-Nursing Advising Update

  • Students considering pursing nursing will need to meet with the pre-nursing advisor (Janet Peterson) and with their faculty advisor.  The faculty advisor will clear you to register once you have met with them. 
  • Dates and times of the pre-nursing advising sessions: Wed April 4th  1-2 and 2-3pm and Friday April 6th  2-3pm and 3-4pm.  To sign up for an advising session click here:
  • Students enrolled in the pre-nursing seminar will meet with Janet on April 9th at 6:30 in Cook for pre-nursing advising information. You do not need to attend an additional pre-nursing advising session but will need to meet with your faculty advisor. 
  • Students who have been accepted for Fall 2012 entry – you do not need to register for classes- the Portland campus will do all of that for you!
  • Interested in Spring 2013 Entry?  Applications will be available, online, on June 1, 2012 and due back to the academic advising office by July 31, 2012
  • Visit the Pre-Nursing website for additional information.

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