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Fall 2013
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Important Dates

  • Nov 1: Last day to DROP and receive a 'W'
  • Nov 4-7: 2014 Jan and Spring Registration
  • Nov 25-29 : Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 5: Last Day of Class
  • Dec 6: Reading Day
  • Dec 9-12 : Finals Week


In This Issue:


Advising Staff Update

The Office of Academic Advising is pleased to welcome Dalton Higginbottom as the new Academic Advisor.  Dalton has also assumed the Pre-Nursing Coordinator position. Dalton comes to us from Portland State University, where he worked in Academic Advising, Orientation Office, and Student Activities.  Welcome Dalton!

Dalton Higginbottom

Effective August 2013, Academic Advising staff is as follows:

Dr. Janet Peterson has stepped down from her role as Faculty Fellow for Academic Advising and Pre-Nursing advising coordinator (though she continues to serve as a faculty advisor for many pre-nursing students).  Refer to the Pre-Nursing Advising section of this newsletter for more information.

The Advising office continues to offer quality support and information to students and faculty.  Visit us in Walker 124, give us a call at 503.883.2250, send us an email at or follow our Linfield Academic Advising Facebook page.


Pre-Nursing Advising

Dalton Higginbottom is responsible for pre-nursing advising coordination.  Dalton will offer individual and group pre-nursing advising workshops for students.  Faculty members advising pre-nursing students are encouraged to contact him for assistance and/or clarification or visit the Pre-Nursing section of the website.  Dalton can be reached at 503.883.2393, or Walker 124G.

Upcoming Pre-Nursing Advising Sessions

The sessions below are open to all students, the room is not terribly large so please be mindful of your fellow students so everyone can participate.

  •  Wednesday, Oct 30th: 7pm-8:30pm, Walker Hall 202. The session will focus on course planning and what to take next semester. Additionally we can work on your 2 year plans for migration to the Portland campus.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 5th: 7pm-8:30pm, Walker Hall 202. This session will focus on course planning (for those that couldn't make 10/30) and what to take next semester. Additionally we can work on your 2 year plans for migration to the Portland campus.
  • Thursday, Nov. 14th: 7pm-8:30pm, Walker Hall 202.  This session will focus on the "Intercampus Transfer Application for Nursing" that opens on Nov. 15th. This session is intended for those who will be applying for enrollment at the Portland campus in Fall 2014.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 20th: 7pm-8:30pm, Walker Hall 202. This is an open question session. Students who have questions about previous sessions or are seeking quick advising are welcome to come.


Faculty Corner:

Electronic Advising Files

We are phasing in an electronic advising file system for all new students enrolling Fall 2013 and later.  Electronic advising files will be produced each semester for new students; paper advising files will not be created for students enrolling Fall 2013 and later.  However, paper advising files will be maintained for current students and phased out as those students graduate.

Faculty advisors can access their electronic advising files in WinFiles.  Instructions to access your electronic advising files can be found here.  Alternatively, you can copy the full link into your web browser:


Academic Alert System

Faculty members are encouraged to use the Academic Alert system to provide feedback to students about their academic performance issues in class.  Issuing timely alerts to students carries several advantages:

  • It’s a private, secure way to contact students about their academic progress or lack-thereof
  • It get the attention of students who may be in denial about self-defeating academic behavior and provides them with information and resources to improve their performance
  • It establishes that an instructor has made every effort to communicate with the student about his/her performance in the course and recommendations for improvement
  • Faculty advisors and the advising office are notified when advisees receive alerts

To issue an Academic Alert, choose "Issue an Academic Alert" within the Faculty menu in WebAdvisor. When alerts are submitted, the students and their advisors will automatically receive an email instructing them to log in to WebAdvisor to view an "urgent academic message."  Once logged in, students and advisors will be directed to the completed Academic Alert.  Academic Advising monitors the alert system. Academic alerts do not become part of a student's permanent record.

Do you have an advising and registration checklist that works well for your department? Please share your checklist with us at  

Planning for January Term

January Term (Jan Term) offers students an exciting opportunity to take immersive courses of study during a four-week term.  This opportunity provides unique learning experiences not found during the typical 16-week semester. A typical course schedule on campus consists of one academic and one paracurricular course.

Jan Term encourages students to dive into a specific course by focusing their studies on one topic of their interest. This small course load allows plenty of time for students to become engaged and explore on and off campus. The smaller population of students on campus creates a unique sense of community amongst class mates, faculty and other students participating in Jan Term. First year students who took part in January Term were 20% more likely to return to Linfield for their sophomore year!

Off-campus Jan Term courses offer students the chance to study across the United States and internationally. Regardless of major or minor, Linfield provides the first round-trip airfare from PDX to one destination outside the continental U.S. for one off-campus program. Check out the international Jan Term timeline to find out how to go abroad.

Cost and Pro-Rate:
Students who are full-time (10-18 credits) in both the fall and spring semester are charged a $212 per-credit fee for Jan Term. Student can take no more than 5 credits during a Jan Term. Additionally the ASLC fee for Jan Term will be levied, and students who are members of the campus residential system must pay the appropriate Jan Term residential and board fees.

Students not enrolled full-time in the contiguous fall and spring semesters will be charged a prorated tuition amount on the credits taken during Jan Term. The proration is based on the unpaid percentages of full time annual tuition; this percentage cannot be determined until after spring registration. Withdrawal during spring semester during the refund period will cause any Jan Term tuition charges to be prorated.

Fall graduating seniors who need the Jan Term credit to complete their graduation requirements will not be charged the tuition fee for Jan Term but must have been full time in fall.

For more information see 2013-2014 Course Catalog pg. 23-24.

Academic Advising Youtube channel 

Tip: Visit the Wildcat Advising Youtube channel for helpful videos about WebAdvisor and Taskstream.

Troubleshooting TaskStream

Students who have taken LC courses at Linfield should use their syllabus or the Linfield College catalog to understand the LC learning objectives.  Using these objectives as a guideline, complete the appropriate LC form on TaskStream and upload an exemplar that demonstrates the learning objectives of the course.  Students who have transfer credits that fulfill LC designations should use the Linfield College catalog to review the learning objectives for that Mode of Inquiry.  Using this information, choose an exemplar assignment from the transfer course that demonstrates the learning outcomes of the designation.  If you no longer have an assignment from the course, please write a description of an assignment you completed for the course and upload the description as an attachment.  See the BlackBoard/TaskStream website for more information.

Have TaskStream questions?  Contact Amy Scholer, TaskStream Coordinator at


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