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  How was your taste of Linfield?

You've probably visited a zillion colleges. But we're hoping your Linfield visit is one of the best! Please take a minute
(or five) to let us know if you did (or did not) enjoy getting a taste of Linfield—and how we can make visits better in the future. Thanks in advance!

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My tour guide provided:

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The low down (good, general info about Linfield)

The lungs (clear, articulate, audible speech)

The love (friendly, genuine interest in my visit)

The layout (thorough tour of facilities and campus)

How many other students and families were in your group?

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The tour guide spent too much time looking at or talking about:

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Other insight or feedback

Give us a grade!

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Did our pre-visit "prep" pass the test?

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The online campus visit planner was helpful

I/We were given visit options — i.e. tour, class visit, professor meetings — prior to visiting.

The staff member who coordinated my visit was helpful and pleasant.

I/We received good directions to campus.

Would you "admit" it?

The reception (and jelly beans) at the admission office were welcoming.

Did you meet with an admission counselor?
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Name of counselor:

My counselor was friendly and showed genuine interest in me.

My counselor presented Linfield College thoroughly.

My counselor related my interests to what Linfield has to offer.

Did you meet with other people? If so, what did you think of them?




Financial Aid Counselor:  

Did your visit impact your impression of Linfield?


Where will you go from here?

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