Overnight Information

Students are invited to spend the night with a current student in a residence hall the night prior to the event (Sunday, March 19 or Thursday, April 13). Overnight visits are free of charge and all meals will be provided.

Overnight stays are for students only. Families are welcome to make their own hotel accommodations.

Students will likely sleep on the floor of a residence hall room and should bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towel and other personal items. A Linfield bed pack (sheets, blanket, pillow and towels) may be requested.

To request an overnight visit, please complete the registration form and email svd@linfield.edu with the following items no later than March 13 (for the March 20 event) or April 7 (for the April 14 event):

  1. Your name and Linfield ID number (found on your admission letter)
  2. If you need a Linfield bed pack. It includes sheets, blanket, pillow, towel and washcloth

Check in Information for Sunday, March 20 or Thursday, April 13

Arrive between 4:30 – 5:00 p.m. to meet your overnight host in Fred Meyer Lounge located in Riley Campus Center (building #2 on the campus map). 

You’ll receive your event packet that will include any special meeting requests and meal vouchers.