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Glossary of Common Linfield Terms

  • Academic Scholarship – A financial award in recognition of a student’s prior academic achievement.  Grades, courses completed, and standardized test scores are used to determine eligibility. 
  • Colloquium – A one-credit paracurricular course required of all new first-year students at Linfield College.  The course covers important topics related to becoming a successful college student.
  • Competitive Scholarship Day (CSD) – An opportunity (by invitation only) for qualified high school seniors to compete for a scholarship by taking one of more than 30 exams offered by Linfield’s academic departments.  To be eligible for invitation to CSD, the student must have completed both the application for admission to Linfield and the registration process for CSD by December 1.
  • Early Action –The application option that allows students to resolve their college choice early in the senior year.  The Early Action deadline at Linfield is November 15 (postmark).  Choosing this option is not a commitment to enrolling at Linfield College.
  • Financial Aid –Funding that enables students to attend college.  Both academic merit and financial need are considered.  Depending on their qualifications, students receive these financial awards in the form of scholarships, grants, loans and campus employment opportunities.
  • FAFSA – The Free Application for Federal Student Aid that must be completed by a student applying for financial aid.  Linfield’s priority filing deadline is February 1.
  • Grant –A financial award that is given to assist with payment of tuition, room and board expenses.  A grant is awarded without requirement or expectation of repayment. 
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences –The philosophical basis for Linfield’s approach to education.  This approach is designed to provide general knowledge and intellectual skills rather than occupational or vocational training.  Many graduates pursue specialized and/or professional studies after earning the Bachelor’s degree at Linfield. 
  • Linfield Curriculum – The general education requirements that must be completed in order to graduate from Linfield College.  These courses span the arts and humanities, the natural sciences, and the social-behavioral sciences. 
  • Loan – A financial aid award that must be repaid to the lending agency, which may be either the college itself or a bank that agrees to provide the funds.  
  • Need-based Aid – Financial assistance in the form of grants or loans that is determined by submitting the FAFSA
  • Official School Transcript – An original document produced by a school office which includes records of all courses taken in that school and the grades awarded.  To retain its “official” quality, the transcript must be received by Linfield in the sealed envelope in which it was placed by the office which produced it.
  • Official SAT/ACT Scores – Examination results as reported on the original documents produced by the testing agencies or on a student’s official transcript.  (SAT = Scholastic Aptitude Test.  ACT = American College Testing program.)
  • Peer Advisor – A student who has been at Linfield for one year or more, and has been selected to assist a faculty Colloquium advisor helping new students make a successful adjustment to studying at the college level.
  • Priority Deadline – The date after which there is no guaranteed consideration for admission, scholarship or financial aid, and housing.  The deadline dates may be different for each of these processes, and can be found in the relevant application forms, brochures and web pages.
  • Regular Decision –The application process that does not provide an early estimate of scholarship and/or financial aid awards.  The Regular Decision Priority Deadline is February 15.
  • Resident Advisor (RA) – A Linfield student employee who lives in a residence hall and is trained to assist new students with the transition to campus life.  The RAs also organize and lead residence hall programs and activities throughout the year. 
  • Work Study/Campus Employment – An opportunity to earn additional financial aid by working in any one of the many departments of the college that hire students.  The student is responsible for finding such a position by contacting and applying directly to the department.
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