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Academic Calendar

Linfield operates on a relatively unique 4-1-4 semester schedule. Students take courses in two, traditional 14 week semesters (September to December and February to May) with an additional four-week term during the month of January. Students will typically take four courses, or approximately 16 credits during the semester and one course, or two to five credits during the January Term.

What is January Term?

January Term (or Jan Term as it is commonly known around campus) is a four-week session that offers intensive study during the month of January. Students will enroll in one academic course and complete a semester’s worth of work during the month. Full academic credit will be awarded on par with a traditional semester long course.

There are two ways to experience Jan Term:

1. Study on campus. Take an on-campus course and complete a semester’s worth of work in one month. This is a great opportunity to take a class that might not fit into a semester schedule or to enroll in a class that may be more challenging. A mix of general education courses, major requirements and unique opportunities are offered during the month of January. Some students may also take a paracurricular course, such as snowboarding or yoga, as part of their Jan Term schedule.

2. Study Abroad. Want to go to South Africa for a month? How about Italy? Linfield professors show students the world (literally!) during Jan Term. A variety of courses take Linfield professors and groups of 10 to 15 students around the world to study subjects’ particular to those countries or regions. Courses change each year, but always cover a wide range of topics.

In January 2014, students studied:

  • Art and Visual Culture of Catalonia, Spain
  • Multicultural Experiences in Education: Culture and Education in Puerto Rico
  • Literary Biology of the Seas of Cortez (Mexico)
  • Health Care in Kenya
  • Island Health Care: Type 2 Diabetes in the Bahamas
  • Traversing the Eulerial Trail (Russia, Germany and Switzerland)
  • Italian Opera from Baroque to Verismo
  • Traditional and Modern Health Care in Southeast Asia
  • China's Solutions to Energy Issues in the 21st Century
  • Religion and Politics in Turkey
  • Island Economics: Natural Resources in Hawaiian Economic Development
In January 2015, students are planning to study:
  • Vienna 1900: Modern Art, Freud and Wittgenstein
  • Island Economics: Economic Development in Samoa
  • Creative Writing in the UK
  • Health Care in Kena
  • Cityscapes & Cultural Encounters: Andalusian Spain and Morocco
  • Mass Media in the European Union
  • Health Care in New Zealand
  • Religion and Socio-political Philosophy in the Himalayas
January term is required for new freshmen only. Students are required to take one academic class, a course experience that could include, but are not limited to, community service, career exploration or four-year planning. January term is optional for the sophomore, junior and senior years.