Step 1: Committing

It's Pretty Clear You Belong Here

We can’t wait to welcome you as a fellow Wildcat and see your unique stripes shine through! 

To secure your place in our incoming class of students, follow the appropriate link below to pay your matriculation (the official word for entering a college) fee of $400. With that fee submitted, you’ll have signaled to us your intent to enroll.

You’ll need to have a credit card and your Linfield ID number (included on your letter of admission). Not able to pay online? Contact the Office of Admission at 800-640-2287 to make other arrangements.

How do you decide the college to attend? We hope you’ll make a thoughtful decision based on your academic goals, the learning environment that suits you best and the community that you’ll feel most comfortable to join.

If you’ve decided Linfield isn’t the right place for you, we understand. Simply submit the form to withdraw your application.

Remember, your matriculation fee is non-refundable after the deadlines listed below. And accepting or declining an offer of financial aid does not officially indicate to Linfield your plans for enrollment. You’ll want to ensure you withdraw your application at the other institutions you’ve applied to. They will appreciate hearing of your plans, even if they are a bit jealous you’ll be joining us at Linfield.

Response Deadlines

Fall First-Year: May 1
Fall Transfer: June 15
Spring: January 15

Questions Before You Commit?

Office of Admission: 800-640-2287 or 

Payment Links:

In order to pay your matriculation fee online, you will need your Linfield Student ID. Your Linfield Student ID is a seven digit number that may begin with a zero (0) and can be found on the bottom of your admission letter.

Domestic Students ($400 matriculation fee; includes American students abroad)

International Students (includes $400 matriculation fee and $1,600 advanced deposit for degree-seeking international students)