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Residence Life Staff

Director of Residence Life:

As a member of the Office of Student Affairs, the Director of Residence Life administers the overall housing program and coordinates the general affairs regarding community life.

Area Director (AD):

Area Directors are administrators living in campus housing who coordinate various aspects of the residence life program. The Area Directors serve as advisors to clubs, the Residence Life Peer Community Standards Board, the Executive Council and Residence Hall Association. Area Directors also work individually with students, Residence Life Assistants and Resident Advisors to provide programming in residence halls.

Residence Life Assistants (RLA):

Residence Life Assistants are upperclass students who reside in on-campus housing and serve as resources for the Resident Advisors. These para-professional positions are an excellent opportunity for students to develop leadership and professional skills. Additionally, they work with the Executive Council and Residence Hall Association to develop residence life programming and promote positive residential relations.

Resident Advisor (RA):

Resident Advisors are upperclass students who live in campus residence halls and serve as resources to new and returning students. Suburb Resident Advisors live in campus apartments and promote positive learning communities within each suburb apartment complex. Resident Advisors and Suburb Resident Advisors are responsible for coordinating residence activities, organizing the residence hall government and developing safe and caring communities. The Resident Advisor and Suburb Resident Advisor positions offer students the opportunity to develop leadership and professional skills.

Administrators in Residence (AR):

Selected Linfield College administrators live in campus residence hall apartments and serve as resources to new and returning students and promote positive living and learning communities by providing an adult presence. The Administrators in Residence support the residence life program while maintaining professional commitments to their home departments.