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Step Six: Pay your bill and submit health forms

Please carefully review the following information about paying your Linfield tuition and submitting necessary paperwork. All steps must be complete in order for you to move into campus housing and register for classes.

Your fall semester bill, including tuition, room, board and fees, will be sent to you by the Student Accounts Office in July. Current costs for tuition, room, board, fees and the optional health insurance. (Please note that the college insurance is required for all students who are not U.S. citizens).

1. Pay tuition and fees

Review your tuition bill when it arrives in July. Your bill must be paid (either in full or by making arrangements for our monthly payment program – see below) by August 5 (fall enrollment) or January 20 (spring enrollment).

Monthly Payment Program: Linfield offers the option to make interest-free monthly payments for tuition, room, board and fees through the TuitionPay Monthly Plan from Tuition Management Services (TMS). Find details online at or by calling TMS directly at 800.722.4867.

2. Submit immunization form

Provide your second dose measles documentation dates via WebAdvisor prior to course registration. In order to comply with Oregon law, all students are required to have received a second dose of measles vaccine.

3. Accept or waive health insurance

You will receive information about Linfield health insurance in July. Health insurance is required for all students and is automatically charged to your student account unless you choose to waive the Linfield health insurance. (Students who are not U.S. citizens cannot waive the Linfield insurance plan.)

If you are covered by another carrier, you may waive the Linfield health insurance by completing the Insurance Waiver on WebAdvisor when clearing your account. However, before you waive the Linfield insurance, consider the following:

  • Does your insurance company have preferred providers in McMinnville? If not, what will you pay for each visit to a doctor?
  • What coverage does your insurance provide for medical emergencies that occur outside your service range?
  • Do you have a pre-existing condition that requires ongoing medical care? If so, the Linfield insurance may be more cost effective?

4. Submit the Financial Aid worksheet, which will be included with your bill.

5. Submit the Linfield College Educational Services Agreement (LESA) through WebAdvisor.

You only need to submit this form your first year at Linfield.