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Step One: Respond to your offer of admission

To say “Yes.”

Congratulations on choosing Linfield! What do you need to do now?

1. Submit response card

Fill out the response card from your admission packet and return it to the Office of Admission with your $400 matriculation fee in the envelope provided. You may also call the Office of Admission (800-640-2287) or go online to pay the fee with a Visa or MasterCard.

Please note that your matriculation fee is not refundable after your response deadline.

2. Meet these deadlines:


Enrolling in the fall: May 1
Enrolling in the spring: January 15

Transfer students

Enrolling in the fall: June 15
Enrolling in the spring: January 15

Requirements for enrollment

Submit the $400 matriculation fee by the appropriate deadline, along with notification of your intent to enroll. Accepting an offer of financial aid without completing the above steps will not secure your enrollment. 

To say “No, thanks.”

We will be sorry to hear you won’t be joining us, but will understand. Please notify us (a letter, email or phone call from anyone other than you – including Mom and Dad – is not considered official) by May 1 (freshman fall enrollment), June 15 (transfer fall enrollment) or January 15 (spring enrollment). There are two ways to do so.

Option 1: Fill out the bottom part of the Acceptance Response Card from your admission packet and return it to the Office of Admission.

Option 2: Submit a letter or email ( explaining your decision and letting us know where you intend to enroll.