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Stephanie Wyatt, Assistant Director of Admission

Counselor for freshmen from California (Monterey, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties), Colorado, Oregon (Washington County and Lake Oswego and West Linn-Wilsonville school districts) and Wyoming

Additional Responsibilities: Assists with Final Admission Review Team, coordinates campus events (Fall Open House, Discovery Day, Spring Visit Days and Spring Open House), assists with student employee and admission intern training, assists with communications.

Phone: 503.883.2296


Why do I work at Linfield: I loved my Linfield experience as a student and was inspired to share that experience with prospective future Wildcats. What makes me stay at Linfield is the wonderful working environment the college and my co-workers create and the fact that I believe in the college and the product we are producing in successful students. In our office we are more like family than simply co-workers and I feel like that also portrays what it’s like to be a student at Linfield. Plus I enjoy meeting prospective students and helping them through the college search.

Dream location to live: One day I’d like to live in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico! I would go snorkeling every day and explore the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Best Linfield Memory: There’s a tie! Studying abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico changed my life, but also seeing how proud my Dad was of me when I earned my varsity letter on the Linfield Lacrosse team.

If you’re not from Oregon you should visit: Crater Lake, the beach (doesn’t matter which one - just don’t jump in), Multnomah Falls, Powell’s Books in Portland, Bend and see the Three Sisters mountain range, and the Willamette Valley anytime during rainy season (everyone should go puddle jumping at least once in their life!).

Favorite Linfield Event: Homecoming football games are fun because all of my Linfield friends return to campus for the day! I also love the Linfield theatre productions and the fall and spring dance ensemble performances.

I cannot live without: Dancing! I enjoy all styles and as a way to be active and dancing on a regular basis I’ve started teaching Zumba.

Greatest adventure: Hiking the Inka trail along the top of the Andes Mountains in Peru for four days to Machu Picchu. Climbing 14,000 feet to the summit of Dead Women’s Pass was one of the most inspiring things I’ve accomplished in my life. I also loved learning more about Inka culture and how they’ve contributed to the world (they introduced and created over 3,000 varieties of potatoes). If you’re up for an adventure, I would highly recommend traveling to Peru!

Favorite things about McMinnville: I love how friendly the community is and that we have a lot of fun and quirky things here. Alien Days in May is great for people watching and you can’t miss the UFO parade. Turkey Rama, the largest turkey BBQ takes place in July. Third Street is full of fabulous restaurants and some of my favorites include; Nick’s, Thai Country, La Rambla, Gem, Community Plate, and Wildwood Café. McMinnville is also home to the Spruce Goose and the only waterpark air museum in the world!