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Patrick Wilson, Assistant Director of Admission

Counselor for freshmen from California (El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, San Mateo, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Ventura counties) and Texas

Additional Responsibilities: Coordinates Competitive Scholarship Day, serves as Team Northwest leader and Web Liaison, assists with admission publication and communications, supervises admission marketing intern

Phone: 503.883.2586


Why Linfield? The sense of community and pride at Linfield is tremendous. Whether it's helping someone else out, or picking up a rare piece of trash, Linfield students, faculty and staff are always looking out for each other and the college.

Favorite Campus Food: The ham and cheese omelet in Dillin is my favorite food on campus. It's delicious and a great Friday morning treat.

Best Time of Year: The best time of year on campus is in the first two weeks of the school year. There is so much excitement and energy on campus after a quiet summer.

Favorite Place to Travel: My most recent non-work travel destination was the Balkans - Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia i Herzegovinia, which were all interesting and beautiful in their own way.

What's Great About Oregon: As a skiier, I love that Oregon has the longest season in the country. Even in July and August, you can usually make at least a half day trip up to the mountain.

Favorite TV Shows: Even though it is now off the air, Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I also don't miss an episode of The Amazing Race, and enjoy watching ESPN documentaries, such as the 30 for 30 series.