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Lisa Knodle-Bragiel, Director of Admission

Counselor for first-year students from Hawaii

Additional Responsibilities: Oversee the marketing of the college to prospective students, work with faculty on admission policy and oversee the admission process... in a nutshell.

Phone: 800.640.2287


Hometown: I moved around a lot as a kid, but I spent the most time in both the D.C. area and Western New York, so that's where I claim.

Best Linfield Memory: My first one. It was Thanksgiving weekend when I visited Linfield as a prospective student. Linfield, with all its brick buildings and its East Coast feel felt good to me. But the fact that the Dean of Admission at the time came in on a holiday weekend to personally give me a tour of campus and talk with me about Linfield impressed me most. His gesture made me think that Linfield must be a caring community. I was never let down.

Favorite Linfield Events: Fall Orientation, where I can greet all the families we worked so hard with during the college search and application process. And, Graduation, where I can see how much each student has grown in his or her four years at Linfield. Being part of both the beginning and end of a student's college journey is quite humbling.

Favorite Mac Restaurant: Crescent Cafe - Fresh. Homemade. Northwest gourmet. Changing menu. Delicious.

Favorite Vacation Destination: Camping with a few good books, good food, my husband and dogs.

What Do You Enjoy in your Free Time: Listening to music. Running. Napping.

Favorite Thing To Do In Oregon: Looking out of the airplane window on flights back home from regular travel. Seeing miles of green fields, hills and trees. Appreciating the rugged Cascade Mountains. Remembering why I have chosen to live in beautiful Oregon.