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Jay Smith, Associate Director of Admission

Counselor for first-year students from Alaska and Washington (King County)

Additional Responsibilities:
Supervises the admission counseling staff and admission counseling intern, assists with market and territory development and campus event oversight.

Phone: 503.883.2488


Favorite Linfield Spaces: The Michelbook House, home to the Office of Admission. How many people can say they get to work in a historic colonial-style home?  I also enjoy relaxing in the Oak Grove/Commencement Green on a summer evening and getting in some laps/water basketball at the pool.

Favorite Book: “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck

What Do You Enjoy in your Free Time: Working on projects on my mid-century modern home. As a relatively recent first-time home buyer, it’s really all I talk about. When not working on my home you can find me hiking throughout Oregon.

Best Linfield Memory: There’s really so many... Here’s just two:
As a current student: First day of my first class at Linfield, "Privilege and Perplexity," the Inquiry Seminar I had selected. The course dealt with issues surrounding freedom of expression. Professor Gilbert had us arrange our desks in a circle and then asked, “What do you want to talk about?” After several minutes a classmate broke the ice with, "I like soccer." Rather than actually talking about soccer, Professor Gilbert explained that learning, especially at a small college, isn't just about listening to lectures and taking exams. Learning is about sharing ideas and blurring the line between student and professor. He explained that he expected a reciprocal class dynamic, where everyone felt comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas and views. This class, my first one, set the stage for what to expect from a Linfield education - classes that required critical thinking.

Favorite Mac Restaurants: I’m in a committed relationship with the Sears parking lot taco stand, Tacos el Paraiso.  I consider the folks at Kame Japanese to be family and my colleague, Janet Sasaki, and I have enjoyed dinner there pretty much once a week, every week, for a decade. Other favorites include: Thistle, Los Molcajetes, Harvest Fresh (a small natural grocery in historic downtown with great deli lunches).

Best Concert You Ever Attended: Radiohead (OK Computer Tour) with Spiritualized in 1998.