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Janet Sasaki, Assistant Director of Admission and Transfer Recruitment

Janet SasakiCounselor for first-year students from California (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco and Sonoma counties) and all domestic transfer students

Additional Responsibilities: Coordinates transfer student recruitment and serves as Team Transfer leader, organizes off-campus events (receptions and interviews), serves as Housing Liaison, manages admission market plan.

Phone: 503.883.2489


When I’m not on campus, I can probably be found: Eating at Kame, Community Plate or Red Hills Market (in Dundee); reading “People” magazine at the McMinnville public library; shopping at Mes Amies or Third Street Books; running in preparation for my first half marathon or taking a yoga class at 4 elements yoga studio.

The power of a small college is: Knowing Linfield’s faculty are truly invested in our students. My colleague, Jay Smith, and I recently ran into one of Linfield’s Mass Communication professors in downtown McMinnville. She was meeting with a couple of folks who work in the wine industry and were looking for referrals to interview for marketing positions. Their preferred candidates would have a mass communication degree and at least a few years of work experience. Without hesitation, the professor started giving the names of students who graduated five or so years ago.

Items I’d pin on my Pinterest boards: Miniature animals (especially donkeys and Shetland ponies), panda bears, cured meat and shoes.

Latest recommendations to my Goodreads list: The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai, A.Lincoln by Ronald C White, Jr, Shards by Ismet Prcic

Magazines I subscribe to: Oprah, Real Simple, Vogue, The Economist

One favorite thing about Linfield: The students. There are so many reasons I've stayed at Linfield, but the students are a major factor. The transformation from their first to the last year is quite remarkable to see. As freshman, students tend to be pretty timid. But by the time they finish their senior year, most have developed a strong sense of self and walk out Linfield's door equipped with knowledge and life experience that will help them be successful adults.

An exciting aspect of Linfield: The Oregon Wine Industry Experience.  It’s a year-long program in which students explore the business of wine through internships and experiential learning.  Neither the Oregon wine industry nor Linfield students interning in the wine industry are new.  But this program is the result of ongoing conversations between Linfield faculty and staff and winery owners and managers who recognize that the wine industry is complex and our students would benefit from working in the industry a full calendar year.