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Financial Aid & Costs

Financial aid is an important part of the process and 90 percent of Linfield students receive financial assistance of some kind – either through scholarships, grants, loans or employment.

Freshman Scholarships
Transfer Scholarships
International Student Scholarships
Music Scholarships
Need-Based Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

The chart below is a breakout of fees for the 2014-2015 academic year. Please note: tuition is not charged during January Term, but rather a per credit fee of $219. Students typically take 4 or 5 credits, bringing the cost of courses to, on average, $876-1,095.

Cost Semester Annual January Term
Tuition $18,500 $37,000 $219/credit
Room (Double)* $2,805* $5,610* $520*
Board (Plan A)** $2,360** $4,720** $535**
Associated Student Body Fee $130 $260 $30
Technology Fee $43 $86 $0
Direct Costs $23,838 $47,676 $2,180*****
Other Costs
Health Insurance*** $874 $1,748  
Personal Expenses**** $500 $1,000  
Books and Supplies **** $375 $750  
Total Estimated Costs
(including personal expenses)
$25,587 $51,174 $2,089*****

* Room costs are based on a standard, double-occupancy residence hall room. Costs for other on-campus housing options vary.

** All students are assigned Meal Plan A, which provides for Unlimited Meals in Dillin Dining Hall (open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays and brunch and dinner on weekends), and 125 Flex Dollars, good for purchase of food and beverage at the Wildcat Express in Dillin Dining Hall and Starbucks in Riley Campus Center. During January Term, students are assigned Meal Plan D, which provides for Unlimited Meals in Dillin Dining Hall and 30 Flex Dollars. Other meal plans are available.

***Health Insurance is required for all students. This may be waived if a student is covered by a parent or guardian’s insurance policy. Please check with your insurance provider regarding coverage for your student while in Oregon and at college. Students who wish to purchase health insurance for fall and spring semester will pay $874 per semester (for a total of $1,748 for the year).  International students cannot waive insurance, regardless of coverage provided by a parent, guardian or home country insurance policy or program.

**** Figures for personal expenses and books and supplies are estimates and may vary depending upon transportation to and from campus, types of courses and books/supplies needed and other variables.

***** Total for January Term is based on a student taking 5 credits of coursework on the McMinnville campus.

Please note, these costs are for students taking courses on the McMinnville campus. Costs for students enrolled as full nursing majors at the Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing in Portland and through the Adult Degree Program may vary.

Freshman Scholarships

Linfield offers a number of renewable scholarships based on academic achievement. Eligibility begins at a 3.4 unweighted high school GPA. Other factors include board scores, either the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT exam, and strength of schedule. For additional information regarding merit-based scholarships, consider our Scholarship Calculator.

Other awards may be based on merit, while others take financial need into consideration.

Competitive Scholarship Day

An additional option for qualified prospective freshmen is Competitive Scholarship Day. Invited students can participate with the opportunity to win up to three scholarships, ranging from $12,000 - $20,000, in each of 30 subject exams. Students must complete the application for admission, and Competitive Scholarship Day, by December 1.

Transfer Scholarships

Admitted transfer students with at least a cumulative 3.00 GPA will automatically be considered for transfer scholarships. No separate application is required and students will be eligible for the following awards:

3.85 - 4.00: $21,000
3.70 - 3.84: $19,000
3.40 - 3.69: $15,000
3.00 - 3.39: $13,000

Transfer scholarships are renewable at the same dollar amount each year if the student meets the college’s academic standards for enrollment and applies for renewal in a timely manner.

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships

Members of the Phi Theta Kappa (two-year college honor society) are eligible for Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) scholarship up to $3,000. Consideration for the PTK scholarship is given to admitted transfer students. No separate application is required; however, please notify the Office of Admission or Financial Aid that the PTK membership is current.

The PTK scholarship is renewable each year at the same dollar amount if the student maintains a 3.0 Linfield cumulative GPA and applies for renewal in a timely manner.

Chemeketa Scholars at Linfield Scholarship

Students participating in the Chemeketa Scholars program at Chemeketa Community College will be considered for a Chemeketa Scholars at Linfield scholarship. The award is $15,000 (minimium) annually and is renewable at the same dollar amount for two years of continuous enrollment at Linfield if the recipient maintains good academic standing and applies for renewal in a timely manner. Up to 10 Chemeketa Scholars at Linfield scholarships are available annually.

Consideration for the Chemeketa Scholars at Linfield scholarship is given to admitted transfer students. No separate application is required; however, the Office of Admission or the Office of Financial Aid will verify participation in the Chemeketa Scholars program.

International Student Scholarships

Linfield offers a limited number of partial tuition scholarships to international students. In some cases, we can also offer part-time, on-campus work opportunities. An interested student must apply for scholarship and work grants by sending a personal letter with his or her application for admission.

Financial Statement

All international applicants must also submit a Financial Statement, signed by a parent or other guarantor and accompanied by a recent bank statement. A personal letter from the parent or guarantor can substitute for the Financial Statement.


To streamline the payment process, Linfield College has partnered with peerTransfer. With peerTransfer, families are offered better foreign exchange rates, the opportunity (in most cases) to pay in the home currency and save money, as compared to fees charged by traditional banks. Families are also notified via email when the payment is received by Linfield.

Music Scholarships

The Music Department offers scholarships available by audition for music majors and minors (Music Achievement Awards) and majors, minors and non-majors (Music Participation Grants). Auditions enable the Music Department to recognize and provide scholarship assistance to students who have had successful participation in music. Eligible applicants must have applied for admission. Students intending to major or minor in music will be considered for both Music Achievement Awards and Participation Grants. Students not intending to major or minor in music will be considered for Participation Grants only. Additional information regarding awards and the audition process is available from the department.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Grants and Loans

Depending on your financial situation, you may receive grants (need-based award that aren’t repaid) or low-interest federally-backed loans, some of which do not start accruing interest until after you graduate. Any student who files the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will qualify for federal student loans regardless of financial need.

Students completing an Early Action application (by November 15 for fall admission) can also complete the FAFSA4Caster, a free, online estimate to help students understand their options to pay for college. Students who wish to receive an early estimate of need-based financial aid from Linfield can complete the FAFSA4Caster, print the College Cost Worksheet (showing the estimated Expected Family Contribution - click here for an example), and submit it to the Office of Financial Aid via email (, fax (503.883.2486) or mail (Office of Financial Aid, Linfield College, 900 SE Baker Street, McMinnville, OR 97128. Please write or type the student's first and last name and Linfield ID or Social Security Number on the document. In order to receive an early estimate of need-based financial aid, please submit the FAFSA4Caster by December 15.

On-Campus Employment

All students at Linfield will be offered the financial support to work on campus through Federal Work Study (need-based work opportunities) or Campus Employment (non-need-based work). Both funding sources provide students with approximately 10 hours a week at Oregon minimum wage over the course of the academic year. Students are not guaranteed a position on campus, and must apply for openings as listed on CatConnect through the Office of Career Development.

The Office of Financial Aid has additional resources within their website. Financial Aid Counselors can also be reached at 888.471.2225.