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Morgan: Halfway Through Jan Term Already?

Today, Friday Jan. 17, marks the halfway point of our Jan Term semester.

Jan term is a one month semester offered in the month of January. Linfield Students can do one of three things during this Jan Term. They can either:

  • Take up to 3-5 credits on campus (about one class)
  • Stay home and have an extra long holiday break
  • Or study abroad

This Jan Term, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am taking Visual Communication (4 credits) and a Zumba fitness class (1 credit).

Students are already prepping for their mid-terms as this Friday marks the halfway point. Luckily for me, I don’t have a test in my class. Phew!



Last night at Zumba, is was Tie-Dye theme night! The whole class dressed up in their tie-dye gear and danced away!

Next Jan Term I hope to study abroad to England with the Mass Communication department! I am so excited for that!

Overall, I am really glad that I decided to stay on campus for Jan Term. I have only had to worry about one class, which is actually a TON of fun, I have a lot of free time, and I am able to make closer relationships/spend more time with my friends.

If you do decide to come to the wonderful college that is Linfield, I HIGHLY recommend that you enroll in Jan Term. You won’t regret it.

I hope to see you soon!



Morgan: January Term & CatCab

Well it’s that time of year again. The time where the Holiday break is (unfortunately) over and students everywhere are heading back to college. However, some of the Linfield students are dong just the opposite.

Here at Linfield College, we have a short semester we like to call Jan Term (January Term). Its a short, one month semester that is optional for students to take. Linfield students can do one of three things during this Jan Term. They can either:

  • Stay home and have an extra long holiday break
  • Study abroad for the duration of the Jan Term
  • Come on campus and enroll in 3-5 credits

Last Jan Term, I was planning on coming to campus and taking an acting class. However, at the last minute I came down with pneumonia. I had to call and cancel my class and stay home for Jan Term. Whereas, I couldn’t have gotten sick at a better time, I was still SO bummed that I was missing Jan Term.

Because students on campus are only taking 3-5 credits, it is a much more relaxed feeling on campus. Students have more time to relax rather than worrying about other classes.

Another thing I noticed when I came back to Linfield in the Spring that year, was that the people who had spend Jan Term together had become so much closer. These people had created stronger friendships that I unfortunately had to miss out on.



So this Jan Term, I was determined to spend it on campus. This year I am taking a Visual Communications class and Zumba! I go to my Visual Communications class from 9am-noon M-Th and Zumba from 6-7pm M-Th. All together I am taking 5 credits. I LOVE both of these classes! But best of all, I have so much time to relax, watch Netflix, get more work hours in and just become closer with some of my fellow classmates.

Here is my Zumba class last night! It was Linfield theme night! :)
Today marks the end of the first week of Jan Term. And because Jan Term is so condensed, it also marks the first quarter or the term.

Last night, Thursday, Linfield Activities Board (LAB) put on a CatCab event. This is an event that LAB puts on every Thursday night. This event takes place in the Fred Meyer Lounge (FML). Either a student or professional performer will come and play for the student body.

Last night, my friend Logan Mays was the performer chosen for the CatCab. Logan was nice enough to let me sing with him! We sang a duet to “Breakeven” by The Script. It was such a fun event and just another reason why I am so happy with my decision of coming to Linfield.

I hope to see you soon!



Morgan: Finals Week and January Term

Well it’s that time of year again. That time of the year when I practically live in the library. It’s finals week.

Luckily I only have three finals and a reflection paper this year so I’m not too worried. I have finals in my Approaches to Religion class, Introduction to Mass Communications class, and my Introduction to Statistics class. My reflection paper is in my Introduction to Media Writing class. None of my finals are accumulative.

This Friday, Dec 6 is Reading day. Therefore no one will have class that day so that students can use that time to study for finals. Then finals start that next week. The college schedules the finals depending on the time the class takes place. You can view this year’s finals schedule on the Linfield website.

This year my last final is Wednesday at 8 a.m. then I can go home right after!

I will then return to campus on Sunday, Jan 5 for January term. Jan term is an optional semester that students can take.

Here at Linfield we run on a 4-1-4 schedule. We have a four month fall semester, a four month spring semester, and in between those two we have a one month January term.

Jan term is like a full semester of a class crammed into one month. During that Jan term semester you can do one of three things. You can either:

  • Take up to 3-5 credits on campus (usually one class), or onlinesnowsnow
  • Stay at home and have an extra long holiday break
  • OR travel abroad

All three of these options are evenly distributed with about 1/3 of students participating in each.

This year for Jan term I am taking a 4 credit Visual Communications class and a 1 credit Zumba class! I’m really excited for both (mostly the Zumba).


I hope to see you soon!


Morgan: Elections


My Big and I – We both currently hold leadership positions within Alpha Phi

Today is a very nerve-racking and exciting day for me. Today is the day of Alpha Phi Elections. Alpha Phi runs elections by calendar year rather than academic year. There are so many leadership positions available within Alpha Phi which gives girls several opportunities to get involved.

Right now I hold the Director of Sisterhoods position. I plan all inner Alpha Phi events such as trips to the pumpkin patch, monthly movie nights, ice skating trips, etc.

This year, I am running for Vice President of Membership Recruitment. This position sits on the Executive Council and runs formal recruitment and continuous open bidding.

I am also running for President of Alpha Phi. This is a very big role to take on as a sophomore, but I truly believe that this is a position I could excel in.

I’ve beeASLCn working on my speech all week and I think that I am ready to give it to my sisters and see how they respond to it.

I will keep you posted as to what the outcome of elections are! Wish me luck! :)

Whereas there are lots of leadership opportunities within Greek life, there are over 100 leadership opportunities campus wide. It it so easy for someone to get involved and hold a leadership position if they do so desire. Some examples of leadership opportunities on campus are ASLC (Associated Students of Linfield College – Student Government), LAB (Linfield Activities Board), Board of Trustees (we have students that sit on this board), Alumni Relations, and the list goes on and on.

If you want to be a leader here on campus, you are definitely given the opportunity to do so!LAB

I hope to see you soon!


Morgan: Choir Concert – Verdi Celebration


Giuseppe Verdi

Last night, Tuesday, Nov. 12, the Linfield College Music Department put on a Verdi Celebration Concert. Giuseppe Verdi was a famous Italian opera composer. This year would have been Verdi’s 200th birthday. The Linfield Music faculty decided to put on a concert featuring some of Verdi’s most well known compositions.

Soloists included soprano Natalie Gunn, mezzo-soprano Beth Madsen Bradford, tenor Giovanni Formisano and baritone Anton Belov. The Linfield Concert Choir, under the direction of Anna Song, also performed.

The concert was held in ICE Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

Since I am a member of the Linfield College Concert Coir, I performed with the choir in this concert.

The event was really fun and all of the soloists were absolutely incredible!

Here is an example of some of Verdi’s work!

What is really great about the Linfield College Concert Choir is, you don’t have to be a music major or minor to be a part of it! I love to sing, however, I am not majoring or minoring in music so I love that I still get the opportunity to be in the choir.

This also goes for the Theater Department. You don’t have to be a theater major or minor to be in any of the productions.

Linfield College has some wonderful art programs and anyone who enjoys it can be involved.


I hope to see you soon!

Morgan Gerke

verdi-natalie-bk-5244d55f7b630portrait of Beth Madsen Bradfordverdiverdi-antonbelov-5244d42406d43