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Morgan: Study Abroad

Linfield College has so many study abroad opportunities. What is wonderful about study abroad here at Linfield, is the college will pay for your first round-trip, airfare ticket to where ever you decide to study abroad! This is why over 50% of Linfield students study abroad within their four years here at Linfield.

If students major in a foreign language, they are required to study abroad for a year. If students minor in a foreign language, they are required to study abroad for a semester. However, there are so many opportunities to study abroad outside of the language departments.

Here at Linfield we run on a 4-1-4 schedule. We have a four month fall semester, a four month spring semester, and a one month (optional) January term. Students can do one of three things during that January term. They can either: Stay on campus and take 3-5 credits (~ one class), stay home and have an extra long winter break, or study abroad.
There are many different study abroad opportunities that come available every Jan term. This year, I applied to study abroad for Jan term 2015. I applied to study abroad with the Mass Communication Dept. to the UK and Belgium. And I GOT IT :)

Where ever you decide to go to school, definitely look into studying abroad. It is an INCREDIBLE opportunity that schools offer to their students.


I hope to see you soon!



Morgan: Linfield Activities Board

Here at Linfield we have a Linfield Activities Board (LAB), and they put on a TON of on campus events.

These events include:

    • Movie Nights
    • Comedians
    • Hynotists
    • CatCabs (musical concerts)
    • Wildstock
    • and many more . . .

Wildstock is a free concert in the spring for all Linfield Students. The whole students body shows up and there is a new Tshirt design every year that the whole students body gets and wears to the concert. A lot of restaurants in McMinnville come and cater the concert. There are also bouncy houses, lazer tag and snow cones!

Last year, we had The Main and Outasight come and perform for us! The year before that Mackelmore came to campus. Linfield Students still don’t know who is performing this year, but LAB will announce it THIS Saturday.

Every other Saturday, LAB puts on a movie night in ICE Auditorium which is located in Melrose Hall. Ice Auditorium is a small concert hall where choir concerts, orchestra concerts, guest speakers and many more events are held.

This Saturday, they are playing the movie Frozen. After the movie, LAB will play a video that will announce who will be performing at Wildstock this year!


I hope to see you soon!


Morgan: Here Comes the Sun!

LinfieldAfter drowning in rain for the past couple weeks, the sun has finally come back to us! Linfield College is a GORGEOUS campus, but it is even more beautiful when the sun is shining! And thankfully, it is supposed to continue to be sunny for the rest of this week!

It is also the fifth week of our spring semester. Woah. Where did the time go? It’s crazy to think that two weeks marks the halfway point of this semester! It even crazier to think that after this semester, I will be a junior in college! It feels like just yesterday I was moving into my freshman dorm room.

College flies by! Make sure to enjoy every minute of it! Because these years are truly some of the best years of your life!

I want to share a Youtube video with you! This is a video that some classmates made for our broadcasting class! It shows a typical day at Linfield, going from class to class.

Click the link to be able to watch this video :)–se60ZwooM

I hope to see you soon!


Morgan: Radio Show

Tonight marks the first night of my own Linfield College radio show! My show will be every Monday night from 7pm – 9pm!

Because I am a mass communications major, I am required to take either a broadcasting or newspaper class. I chose broadcasting and as a requirement for that class, I have to have my own radio show.

The radio station that my show will be on is KSLC 90.3 FM McMinnville. If you are not in range to tune into this station, you can stream the radio station online at the KSLC website.

I still don’t quite know exactly what my show will be about. At the moment, I think I’m going to do a show all about girls (trying to keep it humorous, of course). The show will be called “The Girls Room”. I will play songs that I have turned to whenever I’ve gone through a break-up or songs that talk about “girl power”, all that good stuff. I will also play and sing live on the air, as well as bring in other student musicians. I also plan to open the lines for listeners to call in and ask questions/receive advice. Because why not!?

We will see how this radio show turns out, I think it is going to be very funny and hopefully a hit. We’ll see :)

Be sure to tune in!

I hope to see you soon!



Morgan: Spring is in the Air!

Today marks the second week of the 2014 Spring Semester here at Linfield College. The first day was last Tuesday, February 11th. (Classes were cancelled Monday due to the snow).

This semester I am taking 16 credits. The minimum amount of credits students can take is 12 and the maximum is 18. I am taking an Information Gathering class, French, Contemporary Business, Broadcasting and Zumba!

Yesterday, Sunday Feb. 16, was Competitive Scholarship Day here on campus. Competitive Scholarship Day (CSD) is a day were perspective students can come to campus and take a test in the discipline of their choosing with a chance of winning scholarship prize money.

Students can participate in this event by submitting their application before a specific deadline and checking a box on their application that verifies whether they want to participate in this event or not. There are up to 30 different tests that a student could take, and they can pick their top three choices on their application.

The first through third prize winners of each test will walk away with scholarship Monday. First prize wins $20,000, second prize wins $15,000, and third prize wins $12,000. This prize money is then spread out over a students four years here at Linfield.

I hosted five students total this weekend. Students who are participating in CSD can choose if they want to stay over night with a current student. Students can say Friday through Sunday night. I have three students stay with me Saturday and three students stay with me Sunday. One of the girls who stayed with me Saturday also stayed with me Sunday, thus a total of 5 students.

The entire event was a ton of fun! It’s a chance for students not only to win scholarship money but to also experience Linfield College and typical campus life.

If you are looking at applying/enrolling to Linfield College, I HIGHLY advise that you participate in CSD!

I hope to see you soon!