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Dana: Life, Student Updates

Here is just an update on what is going on on the Linfield Campus, as well as in my life as I jump into my Spring Semester.

This Thursday I was invited to attend a lecture and dinner through the Religious Studies department, and I look forward to being there. Check out the link to provide more information on the speaker! I have yet to attended a guest speaker or professor that has not impressed me, so I try to catch as many of our visiting speakers as possible.

This Friday our hall is having a movie night with tons of snacks and hanging out involved. I look forward to getting into my pajamas at 8pm and snuggling in a blanket while watching movies this Friday.

Saturday is our MLK Day, where we have different service projects going on. Students sign up online and chose which area in the community they’d like to serve, and I chose to attend a assisted living home to hang out with some wise ladies and gentlemen. I am very excited; Linfield puts on fantastic services events throughout the year. In the afternoon my friend and I are planning to drive to a beautiful place to run in the afternoon.

Sunday is my good friend’s birthday, and her mom and aunt will be visiting so we will be doing something fun for her birthday and I will be attending! Also, I have a coffee/study date with a friend, which always makes homework and reading a whole lot of more fun.

In a few weeks I have a 10K race coming up in Champoeg State Park which is very beautiful and not too far away from McMinnville. I camped there last Spring, so I am excited to race there.

I am off for today, but will return as always!

Happy Wildcat Wednesday!


Dana: Welcoming the New Semester: Spring 2014


It is officially Spring Term, starting off with a Snow Day!! A large snow storm came to the Pacific Northwest this past week, which delayed travel for students to arrive back on campus.  Just today I am starting to see more of my residents arrive. My mom and I had quite the adventure driving up from Northern California taking the coast, 101 Highway.  It was a beautiful drive, and, thankfully, snow free for the most of it. I was thankful my mom drove an All-Wheel Drive car and that we decided to delay our travel day since Friday was when most of the snow came down, and closed I5 etc. Upon arrival, we then got to enjoy the winter wonderland.

All of us students get the week off after January Term, and arrive refreshed for the Spring Term starting in February, ending at the very end of May.  In some ways it feels like a fresh start, a chance to re-evaluate maybe New Years resolutions or perhaps look back on Fall Semester.  I know there are many things I’d like to change about what happened during Fall semester, so I am excited to start this term and turn a new leaf!

I am most excited about my Acting class I get to take! One of the six modes of inquiry for a Linfield liberal arts degree is called ‘Creative Studies,’ and instead of taking a visual arts course, such as drawing or painting, I get to take a performing arts course, Acting! I did some theatre in High School, and it was an absolute blast, so I am excited to get back into acting. I really love the way the modes of inquiry are set up here at Linfield, because it is our general education, but there is so much diversity within each section, so you can pick and chose a class that you are interested in!

For Spring semester, I have some ideas for upcoming hall events for Elkinton Hall.  Each residence hall has a certain amount of funds to use on events for the students living there, and I plan to use as much of it as I can for my awesome residents.  Some ideas I have so far, is to take a trip to Target in Tigard. We would rent a big van to transport some students for a field trip to Target. :) Another idea is a walking field trip to a local store called Incahoots. They sell loose-leaf tea, so we will provide a small amount of cash for each student attending to pick out their own loose leaf tea, and infuser.

This upcoming weekend is Competitive Scholarship Day, a huge weekend for Linfield prospective students, and I am excited to be a part of it! I am hosting a student this weekend, which will be a fun experience being that I was hosted as a prospective student when I attending Competitive Scholarship Day.  This weekend was a huge reason I fell in love with Linfield, the environment and the people here. I actually stayed with another prospective student at the time, who now lives on my floor!

Until Next time!



Dana: Typical things Linfield Students Say

“What class are you taking for Jan term?”

“I love that at private schools we can have Christmas Trees!”

“Wait, are you traveling abroad next year?”

“The library is SO far away…”

“Meet at People Fountain?”

“Are you going to cat cab tonight??”

“Do you live in the six-pack?”

“Let’s go to Dutch Bros.”

“Anyone going to Winco this week?”

“Let’s go to Portland this weekend.”

“Brunch is my favorite.”


We are into our third week of January, ALREADY.

Hope your week is going well!

Don’t forget the app deadline is February 15th!


Dana: Oregon Experiences

Jan term is ALREADY about half way over!!

This is hard to believe since it’s only been two weeks! This is my favorite time of the school year, and it has been absolutely fantastic- relaxing, working and enjoying free time.

Here is a little of what is going on in my low-key life this month:

  • I’m hosting a tea party this Friday for my residents and friends to enjoy some relaxing or invigorating warm drink. I am a huge tea fan, and have an embarrassing collection, so I can’t wait to share the warmth!
  • I will be heading to the CatCab tonight, which is very exciting for me to have excess time on a Thursday night to head over and listen to the performance! This week we are having a special guest- Svet, a Hip-Hop VIOLINIST! So…  crazy! Svet has been featured on ABC, BET, MTV and America’s Got Talent
  • I am taking Zumba and it has been FANTASTIC. It is the best way to end each day M-TH and a great alternative exercise beyond my daily running. Now, I just need to figure how to moonwalk…
  • I am looking forward to attending the Linfield Basketball games, Men and Women’s teams take on Whitworth this Saturday with some friends.
  • I am officially a Blazer fan. I went to my third game last night and did not encourage my voice to recover from being sick…! Lots of yelling, laughing cheering and screaming. Last year I got into going to some games and following them a bit, and miraculously this year, they are fantastic! It’s fun to have such a fantastic NBA team so close, in Portland!!
  • READING FOR FUN! It’s about time! I am continuing my goal to read for fun, and the Linfield library has lots of fun books to read that I can just check out! It has been wonderful.

That is all for now!



Dana: The 2014 Has Arrived


I am back! My three week Winter break was extremely relaxing, enough to forget about the stress of finals, and receive my final grades for last semester and sigh a huge sigh of relief. As much as I tell people I live in the foggy, nasty part of California (weather-wise), we have gorgeous weather in December/Jan. I was able to run on the beach, go on hikes, and see the family and some close friends from home. Still, after the third week, I was itching to return to Linfield, and continue on my life here.

Over the January term, I am focusing on my internship, work and being an RA.  My co-RA and I are going to start on some new hall decorations soon, which will be fun! She is an incredible artist, where I lack that talent a bit, but all the while having fun. :)

About the third of Linfield students are on campus this month, so it is nice to have a very close knit feel within the hall, as well as just around campus.  The rain has returned, which is probably a good thing with the dry weather all around.

I am currently training for a half marathon, so with the increase of mileage I will be able to see more beautiful parts of McMinnville!

This weekend I am heading up to Mt. Hood to go snowboarding, less than three hours away from Linfield, and my significant other has family only about 45 minutes away from Hood so I will be staying there to enjoy the beautiful mountain of PNW!

If you have applied or looking to apply to Linfield, I highly encourage you to come visit! I’d love to show you around this beautiful campus, and answer all the questions and worries you may have.

Until next time,

Dana Lester