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Dana: Extra Education on the Side

It’s me again! I had such a good day yesterday, I felt it necessary to share the wealth. :)

I find it fascinating that I learn the most fascinating or useful life information outside a classroom at times. I learn them during peer conversations in class, during a Public Speaking class when a student speaks about Amsterdam, I learn them during a guest lecture on a Tuesday evening.

Last night I went to a fascinating lecture, held in a small meeting area, with the room packed with students and faculty. It was titled: “Why Men Kill: The Evolution of Violence and Why People Kill,” The lecture was in the field of Anthropology, as an Archeologist, Herb Maschner from Idaho State University spoke about the different cultures and how they define war, how Humans and Chimpanzees are the only known animals who are able to form coalitions of men to perform violent acts against our own species. Intense study has been done on this topic.  He lay heavily on saying ‘men’ not ‘people’, because 99.9% of deaths due from another human killing a human are men. While I could go on and on giving you the summary of the lecture, that is not why I am writing about it now. I am writing about it because of the opportunity I received by having my mind molded and changed by a lecture like this.

While I pay to attend a college like Linfield, I did not specifically hand over money to see this speaker. I was just simply given this opportunity by being apart of this awesome community of what is Linfield. If you decide to attend Linfield College, I highly recommend you take advantage of as many lectures outside of class as you have time for that spark your attention. Any title that seems even half way interesting to me, I jump on it and attend. Worst case scenario I wasted about an hour of my evening. That has never been the case for me so far, as each lecture I’ve attended, I had gained some world knowledge, or was inspired in some way. It seems odd students would voluntarily offer to go to yet another hour of lecture in a school day, even in the evening, yet that room was packed full of students.

Take advantage of different ways to learn. It’s part of the Liberal Arts Education!

Spring Visit Day this Friday for admitted students to Linfield! Can’t wait to meet some of you!


Dana: What is new here at Linfield College?

Hello everyone!

Last week, was Division III NCAA Week, Sexuality Week, and Greek week, so it was quite the week!  Of course we had beautiful spring weather each and every day of the events making it even more fun and joyous.

The Spring Play opens THIS WEEK!

Just yesterday, I ran in a 1,600 person 13.1 mile race just an hour away from McMinnville, in Corvallis! Guess who came in second place overall? Not me, don’t worry, but our very own Cross Country and Track Assistant coach, Greg Mitchell! Last year he won the Corvallis Half Marathon, and this year he broke the Master’s Record for the race. I came in right close to my goal and 16th women overall. It was a beautiful day, and a gorgeous run. My family came up to see me along with my dog, and we had a great time all weekend.  Then I got to stay up until long hours of the night to get all the studying in for my midterm this morning! A crazy weekend to say the least.


The weather will hopefully stay wonderful as we dive into the final days of this semester!

Thanks for visiting our site, and come by to visit our wonderful campus!


Dana: I love Spring, Spring is my favorite.


I am back from a very wonderful Spring Break, I am one year wiser, and ready for less than only TWO MONTHS left of the school year. I’m telling you, when you go to college, time is a very very different thing. It really flew by. I have an entire theory on why this is, but let me not bore you, I will save that for another day. ;)

Upcoming exciting events in my Linfield world!!

For my acting class, I am memorizing my first monologue.  While I was slightly panicking about this earlier because I found out TODAY I needed it memorized by tomorrow, I am very excited about learning about myself through the monologue. It is very emotional too, so we will see how it is transformed.

The Spring Play is coming up, and Linfield is performing, The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde. I am such a fan of Linfield Theatre. I have raved about their talent plenty of times here before, but I am oh so excited about it.

Easter is also coming up! My great friend here is from Seattle, and her and I are going to her home to surprise her mom for Easter weekend!! I love surprises so much, and cannot wait for it. She has no idea. It is so fun when you move to a new place, with people who are from all over the country/world because if you are lucky enough you can visit their home! Last Spring I went to Seattle for the first time with the same friend, and it was my fist time in Washington.

This Sunday is my half marathon that I have been training for since December. I am so, so nervous and excited about it. There is nothing I can do with my training now, but it’s hard not to look back and wish I did more or something different. My family is coming up to see me race, AND bringing my puppy, Enzo! I am so excited to see my parents, sister and my baby.




I will be super busy this weekend with my race and family, so this week I am trying to get ahead on studying for next weeks midterms, and a final essay due! It’s a little crazy making, but hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to accomplish most of what I need to do.

Can we briefly talk about weather? Coming from technically California, I get asked how I like the weather here in McMinnville, OR.  Let me tell you, as soon as it turns Fall, Winter, OR Spring, I LOVE IT. I really do love the weather here. After living on the coast my entire life, getting seasons is so fun! We just simply don’t get much past 68 degrees ever all year back home, so when it’s 72 degrees during the start of Spring, I just love it. Oregonians like to constantly complain about the weather, and they are almost proud of how much it rains, yet we forget to see how GORGEOUS our fall is, and how warm some days are in the Spring. The summer it gets very warm even too. So don’t worry, it does not just only rain here. It rains enough to keep things green, and hydrated, but get beautiful days too. :)

With my family visiting, my sister is very excited to visit her two favorite places in McMinnville. First, Thai Country Restaurant. We went there together for my birthday last year, and it really is a must when you visit McMinnville. My family will be headed there on Friday for dinner. The next place is  New to You. It is a huge consignment store in McMinnville, the biggest store they have in Oregon. While I am desperately saving my money, I may just have to there and check out there ever changing inventory!

Lots to look forward this week, next week and the next!!!

Until Next Time,


Dana: Why I came to Linfield


I am back from our Spring Break refreshed and hopefully smarter, ready to take on the final two months of school! Many people’s question for me when they come to visit Linfield, is why did you chose Linfield? What drew you in? Here is my answer, the full truth and the reality of having such a high expectation.

I valued the connection I had with my teachers all growing up, starting in elementary school going all the way through high school. I can pinpoint specific teachers that pushed me to my potential and made me a better student. Going to college, I wanted to continue that! I wanted to have a special connection with instructors; it was how I learned. I was attracted to Linfield, because the professor availability and connection with the students was obvious and clear when I came to visit. During this Spring Break I was talking to a dear friend, who is currently a student at UC Berkley, and he just loved hearing how some of my classes are set up. “Wait, you are actually graded on participating in discussion in class?” “Your professor begs and pleads you to come visit them during office hours?” YES! My answer is yes! Our professors truly want us to be successful and learn. While having that high expectation going into my first year at Linfield, it has only gotten better from there. Sometimes my favorite part of my day is going to class because of certain professors. They make class exciting, difficult but fair, and engaging. Some professors do not grade on attendance, yet some do not need to because everyone wants to be there. I honestly feel that way about my classes this semester, and feel so lucky to be at a college, where it is easy to be successful, not because it is easy. In no way is Linfield curriculum easy, in fact I’d argue the opposite. It is because the opportunity is viewed as a positive experience.

If you enjoy having a good relationship with your instructors, I’d highly reccomend checking out Linfield as one of your colleges!

Until Next Time,


Dana: Activities On and Off-Campus

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

While, sometimes it feels that holidays are less fun the older you get, when professors show you a Leprechaun cake trap she made with her daughter, you can live vicariously through images like that. :) My day started out well, when I got my first mid term back for Cognitive Psychology! Hard work pays off, and onto my next big exam this Wednesday in American Politics!

Speaking of Politics, one of my favorite opportunities I have on the Linfield campus, is to attend guest lecturers. I know I already blogged and raved about other speakers coming to campus and speaking, but yet another one impressed me. The Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement, or what most call PLACE, puts on events such as last Thursdays lecture, “The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism.” The PLACE program allows for knowledge, and growth outside just the classroom setting, and provides different current, and past issues to be discussed, all an important part of gaining a Liberal Arts degree. This past Thursday, Andrew Bacevich came and spoke regarding Foreign Policy, the role of America and the rest of the world, the ever increasing gap between the American People and the military, and so forth. He was extremely passionate, and riveting with his ideas, and surely was not a politician in his way of relaying his ideas. There was no pleasing one party or the other, he told it how he believes it works, whether those were conservative or liberal views.

Friday was Pi Day! I always try to celebrate fun nerdy days like March 14. So, at 3:14PM, I took off on a 3.14 mile race all around campus. I lead the race for the first mile, and unfortunately I missed one turn, and forced the top three runners including me to go some extra mileage. We soon got back on the course, and enjoyed the yummy fruit post-race. It was a beautiful sunny day, and even for such an informal race, it felt good to come in third overall and first for women!




Soon after my race, I headed up to Portland and spent the weekend snowboarding at Mt. Hood, Timberline Ski Resort. The weather was incredible! While it made the snow a little slushy, I boarded most of the day in just a tanktop, it was that warm! From 10am-6pm, I was out enjoying the mountain, and exhausting my body! I was so tired, I went to bed at 8PM, and didn’t wake up until 10AM the next morning! It felt so good to sleep that much.


If you are a skiier or boarder, you must come check out Mt. Hood! I am headed back the second weekend of Spring Break to go night skiing! Ski Bowl, one of the other resorts on Mt. Hood, has the largest night skiing in the country!


Another attraction near Linfield is the Woodburn Outlets! A mere 45 minutes away, are some of the best Outlet stores I’ve been to! Of course, we had to stop by on our way back to Linfield…!

Want to know more about awesome lecture/guest speakers that come to Linfield Campus? Want to hear about the best places to visit when you live in Oregon for the next four years of your college? Contact the Office of Admission, and ask to talk to a current student!

Wear your green, and eat your greens!