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Dana: Staying in McMinnville, or going home for summer?

Hello everyone!

Many students around this time are trying to figure out what they want to do with their summer vacation. While my American Politics professor argues we should have year round school, we also discussed reasons why we do not, therefore have this huge break to either go back home to bug our parents, hopefully get set up with a sweet job that will only hire you for three months, or stay on campus and work for the school. Linfield actually has quite a few good options in regards to staying on campus for the summer. If you work for the school, you get housing paid for, which is very sought after, and convenient. I see more and more of my friends deciding to do this, as we get older, because a) it’s (usually) full time work, but just for the summer. It could be from your work study job you do in the school year, or you can apply to additional summer positions. We have work through Facilities, which you do deep cleaning, landscape upkeep, and all things of that nature. I had a friend do this last year, and she said she enjoyed the camaraderie of the other students she worked with. You can also have a job through the Dillon dining services, where you help with catering events on campus, or catering for camps that come stay on our campus.

One of my other good friends, just got an internship that works with local wineries in the Yamhill county area, where will be a combination of classroom learning, harvesting grapes, and learning chemistry behind the wining industry. It lines her up for some great networking and job opportunities for her future, and I am very excited for her!

With a week and half left of classes, the end is near!! I am taking a mini trip to California this weekend to see my sister graduate college from Humboldt State University. I will get to see my parents, both my sisters and my grandma. It will be so nice to be with family, while trying to shove in as much studying as possible. My sisters and I spread across all of the west coast, with my oldest living in Santa Barbara, CA, my middle sister in Arcata, CA up north, and me! In Oregon! I am excited because Amy is moving to Eugene next Fall, so we will be much closer, and I cannot wait to take weekend trips to see her. College is a lot about becoming independent of your family, but it also makes you recognize what all they have done for you, and how much you appreciate your parents endless support!

Have you made your college decision yet? If so, that is so exciting! It’s a huge step, and it’s a fun one!


Until next time,


Dana :)

Kevin: Colloquium Peer Advisor!

One of the fantastic programs we have for first year students here at Linfield is called Freshman Colloquium. This is a part of our orientation and integration program for first-year students here at Linfield. For many, the transition to college can be quite challenging, and here at Linfield we do our best to minimize those challenges by helping students to find their place here from before they even set foot on campus. I am excited to announce that I will be a colloquium Peer Advisor with Dr. Liz Atkinson in the Chemistry Department this fall. Together we will lead a Colloquium group of about 12-15 students. Our job includes advising for class registration, answering logistical questions before students arrive on campus at the end of the summer, leading students during the Orientation activities, and teaching the Colloquium class during the fall. We’ll discuss subjects including creating a tentative four year plan for a student’s time here at Linfield, resources to take advantage of as a Linfield student, and strategies for being successful in college. Colloquium was a huge help to me as a freshman as I was really able to get acclimated to college rather quickly and the success was soon to follow. So to all the high school seniors who have committed to Linfield: keep your eyes peeled for your Advising and Orientation packet that will be coming in the mail really soon. Who knows, I may even be your Peer Advisor!

Til next time,


Professor Liz Atkinson and I will lead a group of students in an advising class called Freshman Colloquium

Professor Liz Atkinson and I will lead a group of students in an advising class called Freshman Colloquium.

Kiera: It’s Almost Over

I hope y’a’ll had a great weekend!!  I went home and I got to meet my cat’s 3, one week old, kittens.  It was a lot of fun and I also received a card from a former teacher of mine in New Zealand.  I don’t usually get a lot of homework done when I go home, but I managed to this weekend.  Thank goodness!!

There are only 2 1/2 weeks of classes left before finals.  The pressure is on and more and more students are staying up later and later.  Effective study habits and good time management skills really really pay off during this time of year especially.  I actually seem to be getting on my assignments, I don’t know how, but I am, which makes upcoming finals slightly less daunting!  However, getting sleep is very important for learning!!  And having energy to study.

This also means that Wildstock is coming soon.  Wildstock is a large concert held on one of our IM fields where students can enjoy music, eat food, and play games.  It is super fun and a great way to relax with friends just before going into finals week!!

Good luck with all of your upcoming presentations and exams!!

Kyra: Spring Break and Sentimentality

I remember my very first spring break at Linfield–I took my friend, Annika, home with me, and we spent the day in Portland before heading off to see our families. Now, we’re roommates, share an apartment, and we’re graduating in what seems like just a few short weeks. It’s amazing look to look at myself then and see how far we’ve all come! College really changes you in unexpected ways–you expect the rigor, the newness of starting out on your own, the strange process of figuring out who you are etc. What I didn’t realize then, and am beginning to realize now, as I approach the conclusion of my undergraduate studies, is just how much these things are constantly in flux–and that’s what makes the college experience so valuable.

For my very last spring break here at Linfield, I split my week in two. I spent the majority of the week back home with my family, whom I haven’t been able to see in a while, and the second half with Robin, traveling up and down the coast. It was the perfect way to take a break from the chaos of my thesis and just enjoy March.


My little sister and I! She’s a sophomore in college now, and just landed a lead in her school’s new play!


My mom and I :)


I went over to my Aunty Pam’s house and made malasadas! It’s a fried Portugese donut….so good!


View from a veteran memorial park in Astoria, it turned out to be a beautiful day on the coast


Robin and I at Seaside :)


Being Indiana Jones is harder than it looks


The long drive home!


Admission: November Updates

Today, seniors received our November e-Newsletter with updates from the Office of Admission. Not subscribed? Submit the Info Request Form at

Early Action Reminder: Linfield’s Early Action priority deadline is November 15. Information about how to apply and a link to our application and supplemental materials can be found on our website. Don’t forget to send your official high school transcript, SAT or ACT scores and the School Report. We know that many students, counselors and teachers are experiencing challenges submitting the Common Application materials online this fall. We are extending our Early Action deadline to Wednesday, November 20. All applications and supporting documents submitted online or postmarked by November 20 will be considered on-time for Early Action admission. 

Special note about fall SAT & ACT test scores: If you took the November 2 SAT or October 26 ACT and plan to apply Early Action, Linfield will accept scores from these test dates that come in after the November 15 deadline. Please make sure that your scores are sent to our Office of Admission directly from the College Board or ACT.

Fall Open House: There is still time to join us for our Fall Open House on Monday, November 11 if you haven’t already registered. Registration will be available online until Friday – or you can register at te event between 8:00 – 8:30 a.m. in our Fred Meyer Lounge. You can find the details about the event on our website.

Receiving an early financial aid estimate: All Early Action applicants who are admitted will automatically be reviewed for merit scholarship eligibility. However, you can also receive an estimate of need-based financial aid by completing the FAFSA4caster. If you haven’t already done so, you can access this form online. Once you complete the FAFSA4caster, please mail or fax (503-883-2486) a copy to the Financial Aid Office by December 15. You MUST include your full name, phone number and student ID (Your ID is: 0929774) with your paperwork. (This information will not be included on what you print out, so you will have to write it legibly on the printout or type it on a separate piece of paper and attach it.)

Academic Competitive Scholarship Day: The deadline for this unique scholarship (worth up to $20,000) is right around the corner. You can learn more about the Academic Competitive Scholarship Day and apply at This opportunity is an invitation-only event and to qualify for consideration, you must do the following by December 1 (as this deadlines falls on a Sunday this year, we will be accepting materials with a December 2 postmark.):

• Complete your entire application for admission (go to:

• Complete the Competitive Scholarship Day questions on Linfield’s Member Question section of the Common Application

Connecting with a Linfield student: Have some questions you want to ask a real student? You can check out our Student Ambassadors’ page and send them an email or post a question to our Facebook page. Want to have an actual conversation? Just shoot us an email at and let us know that you’d like to talk with one of our students and when is a good time to reach you.