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Kevin: Greek Week!!

We are nearing the end of Greek Week, which is one of the most fun weeks of the year for those involved in Greek Life here at Linfield. Each fraternity partners with a sorority on campus to compete against the other pairs in different events over the course of the week. This year my fraternity, […]

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Kevin: ACS Dallas 2014

The 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society was a huge success. We had a number of students give fantastic poster presentations, and my oral presentation was very well received. We attended a number of interesting research talks from people all over the country and networked with a number of people in the Chemistry […]

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Kevin: Another conference and another amazing opportunity

Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be heading to Dallas, TX, with 4 other students and 3 professors for the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. I attended the 245th National Meeting last April in New Orleans (ACS has national meeting twice a year), and I’m looking forward to the numerous opportunities […]

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Kevin: An Introduction to Greek Life

In my time here at Linfield I’ve done a lot. I’ve taken classes in a number of subject areas, I’ve done research both on campus and at a top tier university, I’ve attended regional, national, and international conferences, and much more. One of the aspects of college life I had yet to experience was Greek […]

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Kevin: Preparing for another Research Conference

I am sorry if this starts to seem redundant, but I find myself yet again in preparation for another research conference that I will attend through the Chemistry Department here at Linfield. Tomorrow we head down to the University of Oregon for the Oregon Academy of Sciences Conference. Colleges and universities from all over the […]

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