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Dana: Staying in McMinnville, or going home for summer?

Hello everyone! Many students around this time are trying to figure out what they want to do with their summer vacation. While my American Politics professor argues we should have year round school, we also discussed reasons why we do not, therefore have this huge break to either go back home to bug our parents, […]

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Dana: Weekend Family Fun, Lu’au, and upcoming exams

Hello again! It’s already May, and I’m not sure how, but everyone else seems to be on the same page as me in disbelief. I have a few very close friends graduating this year, so I am starting my goodbye letters, and graduation presents now.  This year I will be able to attend graduation, as […]

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Dana: Lu’au!

Hello again! This coming weekend, we are having our Hawaiian Club 42nd Annual Lu’au – Keiki ‘O Ka Aina.  I am very excited to attend as last year I wasn’t able to go. It consists of some fabulous food, and a wonderful show of dancing by Hawaiian students or not. Anyone is invited to be apart of […]

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Dana: Extra Education on the Side

It’s me again! I had such a good day yesterday, I felt it necessary to share the wealth. I find it fascinating that I learn the most fascinating or useful life information outside a classroom at times. I learn them during peer conversations in class, during a Public Speaking class when a student speaks about […]

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Dana: What is new here at Linfield College?

Hello everyone! Last week, was Division III NCAA Week, Sexuality Week, and Greek week, so it was quite the week!  Of course we had beautiful spring weather each and every day of the events making it even more fun and joyous. The Spring Play opens THIS WEEK! Just yesterday, I ran in a 1,600 person […]

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