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Dana: Extra Education on the Side

It’s me again! I had such a good day yesterday, I felt it necessary to share the wealth. I find it fascinating that I learn the most fascinating or useful life information outside a classroom at times. I learn them during peer conversations in class, during a Public Speaking class when a student speaks about […]

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Dana: What is new here at Linfield College?

Hello everyone! Last week, was Division III NCAA Week, Sexuality Week, and Greek week, so it was quite the week!  Of course we had beautiful spring weather each and every day of the events making it even more fun and joyous. The Spring Play opens THIS WEEK! Just yesterday, I ran in a 1,600 person […]

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Dana: I love Spring, Spring is my favorite.

Hello!! I am back from a very wonderful Spring Break, I am one year wiser, and ready for less than only TWO MONTHS left of the school year. I’m telling you, when you go to college, time is a very very different thing. It really flew by. I have an entire theory on why this […]

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Dana: Why I came to Linfield

Hello! I am back from our Spring Break refreshed and hopefully smarter, ready to take on the final two months of school! Many people’s question for me when they come to visit Linfield, is why did you chose Linfield? What drew you in? Here is my answer, the full truth and the reality of having […]

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Dana: Activities On and Off-Campus

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone! While, sometimes it feels that holidays are less fun the older you get, when professors show you a Leprechaun cake trap she made with her daughter, you can live vicariously through images like that. My day started out well, when I got my first mid term back for Cognitive Psychology! […]

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