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Morgan: Finals Week

Here at Linfield, Finals Week is quickly approaching! Next Wednesday, May 21st will be the last day of classes. Then Thursday is Reading Day. Reading Day is a day where all students get a day off of classes to study and prepare for their finals. Then on Friday, finals begin.

Your final time is dependent on what time your class is. For example, a class that meets every Monday, Wednesday from 9:30-10:45, that final would take place Tuesday, May 27th @ 9am. To get a better idea of how this works, click here to see the full finals schedule.

Finals week lasts from Friday, May 23rd-Thursday, May 29th.

It is CRAZY how fast this year has flown by! I can’t believe I am already almost a junior in college! If you think high school goes by fast, just wait until you get to college, it goes by even faster. So when you do get to college, be sure to enjoy every second of it because these four years are some of the best years of your life












Hope to see you soon!