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Dana: Staying in McMinnville, or going home for summer?

Hello everyone!

Many students around this time are trying to figure out what they want to do with their summer vacation. While my American Politics professor argues we should have year round school, we also discussed reasons why we do not, therefore have this huge break to either go back home to bug our parents, hopefully get set up with a sweet job that will only hire you for three months, or stay on campus and work for the school. Linfield actually has quite a few good options in regards to staying on campus for the summer. If you work for the school, you get housing paid for, which is very sought after, and convenient. I see more and more of my friends deciding to do this, as we get older, because a) it’s (usually) full time work, but just for the summer. It could be from your work study job you do in the school year, or you can apply to additional summer positions. We have work through Facilities, which you do deep cleaning, landscape upkeep, and all things of that nature. I had a friend do this last year, and she said she enjoyed the camaraderie of the other students she worked with. You can also have a job through the Dillon dining services, where you help with catering events on campus, or catering for camps that come stay on our campus.

One of my other good friends, just got an internship that works with local wineries in the Yamhill county area, where will be a combination of classroom learning, harvesting grapes, and learning chemistry behind the wining industry. It lines her up for some great networking and job opportunities for her future, and I am very excited for her!

With a week and half left of classes, the end is near!! I am taking a mini trip to California this weekend to see my sister graduate college from Humboldt State University. I will get to see my parents, both my sisters and my grandma. It will be so nice to be with family, while trying to shove in as much studying as possible. My sisters and I spread across all of the west coast, with my oldest living in Santa Barbara, CA, my middle sister in Arcata, CA up north, and me! In Oregon! I am excited because Amy is moving to Eugene next Fall, so we will be much closer, and I cannot wait to take weekend trips to see her. College is a lot about becoming independent of your family, but it also makes you recognize what all they have done for you, and how much you appreciate your parents endless support!

Have you made your college decision yet? If so, that is so exciting! It’s a huge step, and it’s a fun one!


Until next time,


Dana :)