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Kevin: Spring Open House Tomorrow!

It’s May, and that means it’s time for Spring Open House here at Linfield. Since most seniors have already made their college decision, this is an event designed for high school juniors to get a feel for what life is like here at Linfield prior to applying next fall. If you haven’t already signed up, I highly encourage you to do so ASAP here. One of the things we do for all of our Open Houses is a sample class. Classes at Linfield are very interactive and engaging, and we do our best to portray that in three different sample classes. Tomorrow I will be assisting Organic Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator Katie Sours in teaching a class about how molecules actually work. We’ll be talking about how and why they function in the ways that they do, and we’ll include some really cool demonstrations to supplement the material. One of the important things we’ve been discussing in preparing this class is making it accessible to everyone who attends. We want to be able to speak simply and accurately about the science we’re discussing, and this is actually a skill both Katie and I have learned in our time here at Linfield. Not only is Katie Sours our current O-Chem Lab Coordinator, but she’s also a Linfield Chemistry Alumna. We’ve both had some fantastic experiences in presenting about science to a number of audiences, and I think we’ll be able to show off those abilities quite nicely tomorrow. One such example has come for me at the last two American Chemical Society Spring National Meetings. I know I wrote before about Speaking Simply about Science. I was also interviewed on camera by the Chemistry Ambassadors of the American Chemical Society, and that video was sent to me this morning! You can check it out here. I’m really excited to add this video to my resume to show future graduate schools and employers the experience I have to draw upon as a result of my Linfield education. Experiences like these are one of the many reasons why high school seniors are currently deciding to be Linfield Bound, and it’s something I highly encourage the juniors to start looking into as well.

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