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Kiera: Summer is coming!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!  My 10k went really well.  I achieved both my goals of finishing and in under an hour.  One of my best friends got up early with me and was there to support me.  We both had a blast and I was thoroughly sore afterwards!


As the semester progresses students spend more time with their noses in their books and less time goofing off and that is what I did after my race.  It seems as if the mountain of homework is increasing.  My cat also had 4 kittens so I am super excited about getting to go see them!  :D

There are only 4 weeks of school left and many people are finalizing summer plans.  I am going to remain on campus where I will be living and working.  Some of my friends will be doing the same and I am really excited to get to spend the summer with them.

After all the rain we had last week, the sun decided to come out this week and it’s supposed to be warm!!  How can you not be happy with sunny t-shirt weather?  Have a great week!!