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Dana: Extra Education on the Side

It’s me again! I had such a good day yesterday, I felt it necessary to share the wealth. :)

I find it fascinating that I learn the most fascinating or useful life information outside a classroom at times. I learn them during peer conversations in class, during a Public Speaking class when a student speaks about Amsterdam, I learn them during a guest lecture on a Tuesday evening.

Last night I went to a fascinating lecture, held in a small meeting area, with the room packed with students and faculty. It was titled: “Why Men Kill: The Evolution of Violence and Why People Kill,” The lecture was in the field of Anthropology, as an Archeologist, Herb Maschner from Idaho State University spoke about the different cultures and how they define war, how Humans and Chimpanzees are the only known animals who are able to form coalitions of men to perform violent acts against our own species. Intense study has been done on this topic.  He lay heavily on saying ‘men’ not ‘people’, because 99.9% of deaths due from another human killing a human are men. While I could go on and on giving you the summary of the lecture, that is not why I am writing about it now. I am writing about it because of the opportunity I received by having my mind molded and changed by a lecture like this.

While I pay to attend a college like Linfield, I did not specifically hand over money to see this speaker. I was just simply given this opportunity by being apart of this awesome community of what is Linfield. If you decide to attend Linfield College, I highly recommend you take advantage of as many lectures outside of class as you have time for that spark your attention. Any title that seems even half way interesting to me, I jump on it and attend. Worst case scenario I wasted about an hour of my evening. That has never been the case for me so far, as each lecture I’ve attended, I had gained some world knowledge, or was inspired in some way. It seems odd students would voluntarily offer to go to yet another hour of lecture in a school day, even in the evening, yet that room was packed full of students.

Take advantage of different ways to learn. It’s part of the Liberal Arts Education!

Spring Visit Day this Friday for admitted students to Linfield! Can’t wait to meet some of you!