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Kiera: Registration and Mid-terms

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine!!  It was so nice being able to study outside with my friends!!

Registration for next Fall semester is going on right now so there is a lot of talk about classes and next year.  I registered yesterday and was relieved to be able to get into all of the classes I wanted.  I will be taking French 301, Intro to Social Psych, Seminar in Abnormal Psych, and Race & Ethnicity.  Housing registration for next year is in two weeks so friends have been getting together to work out who they’re living with and where.  It was particularly difficult for me and my friends because the majority of us are studying abroad for at least one semester next year.

Midterms always sound so serious, but for us Wildcats, it really just means exams.  We don’t have one giant test in the middle of the semester and one giant final.  We have two or three exams throughout the semester and then a final, which is usually comprehensive.  This week seems to be a big week for exams.  I myself have two exams and two one-page papers due on Thursday and a presentation about of Friday, so I am definitely keeping really busy studying, but once exams are over and the weekend comes, it is overwhelming relief!!

This Friday is another one of our Spring Visit Days for admitted students.  I am excited to meet so many new people who are interested in Linfield and, of course, I am excited to host a student!!

Have a great week!! Enjoy the little bits of sun and warm weather we get!!