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Morgan: Study Abroad

Linfield College has so many study abroad opportunities. What is wonderful about study abroad here at Linfield, is the college will pay for your first round-trip, airfare ticket to where ever you decide to study abroad! This is why over 50% of Linfield students study abroad within their four years here at Linfield.

If students major in a foreign language, they are required to study abroad for a year. If students minor in a foreign language, they are required to study abroad for a semester. However, there are so many opportunities to study abroad outside of the language departments.

Here at Linfield we run on a 4-1-4 schedule. We have a four month fall semester, a four month spring semester, and a one month (optional) January term. Students can do one of three things during that January term. They can either: Stay on campus and take 3-5 credits (~ one class), stay home and have an extra long winter break, or study abroad.
There are many different study abroad opportunities that come available every Jan term. This year, I applied to study abroad for Jan term 2015. I applied to study abroad with the Mass Communication Dept. to the UK and Belgium. And I GOT IT :)

Where ever you decide to go to school, definitely look into studying abroad. It is an INCREDIBLE opportunity that schools offer to their students.


I hope to see you soon!