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Dana: Why I came to Linfield


I am back from our Spring Break refreshed and hopefully smarter, ready to take on the final two months of school! Many people’s question for me when they come to visit Linfield, is why did you chose Linfield? What drew you in? Here is my answer, the full truth and the reality of having such a high expectation.

I valued the connection I had with my teachers all growing up, starting in elementary school going all the way through high school. I can pinpoint specific teachers that pushed me to my potential and made me a better student. Going to college, I wanted to continue that! I wanted to have a special connection with instructors; it was how I learned. I was attracted to Linfield, because the professor availability and connection with the students was obvious and clear when I came to visit. During this Spring Break I was talking to a dear friend, who is currently a student at UC Berkley, and he just loved hearing how some of my classes are set up. “Wait, you are actually graded on participating in discussion in class?” “Your professor begs and pleads you to come visit them during office hours?” YES! My answer is yes! Our professors truly want us to be successful and learn. While having that high expectation going into my first year at Linfield, it has only gotten better from there. Sometimes my favorite part of my day is going to class because of certain professors. They make class exciting, difficult but fair, and engaging. Some professors do not grade on attendance, yet some do not need to because everyone wants to be there. I honestly feel that way about my classes this semester, and feel so lucky to be at a college, where it is easy to be successful, not because it is easy. In no way is Linfield curriculum easy, in fact I’d argue the opposite. It is because the opportunity is viewed as a positive experience.

If you enjoy having a good relationship with your instructors, I’d highly reccomend checking out Linfield as one of your colleges!

Until Next Time,