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Kevin: Another conference and another amazing opportunity

Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be heading to Dallas, TX, with 4 other students and 3 professors for the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. I attended the 245th National Meeting last April in New Orleans (ACS has national meeting twice a year), and I’m looking forward to the numerous opportunities that this meeting presents. There will be a number of representatives from graduate schools, companies, and laboratories from all over the country, so I will have plenty of opportunities for networking. In addition there will be more interesting research talks than I can possibly hope to attend, but I will do my very best to see as many as I can. I will also be giving an oral presentation on my research in the undergraduate research session. This will be essentially the same presentation I gave at the Murdock Conference in the fall, so I feel quite prepared. I am excited to be speaking at such a prominent conference! We’ll be in Dallas from Saturday to Tuesday, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it how it goes next week.

On a similar note, this morning I accepted an offer from the Summer Internship Program in the Center for Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to do research there this summer. I’ll be in Cambridge, Mass. and the greater Boston area from June 8th to August 9th. First and foremost, I am honored and very excited for this amazing opportunity. However I cannot stress enough how much Linfield has helped me to pursue these goals and earn these types of positions. I’ve been doing research here since my freshman year, and I have attended and presented at numerous research conferences. I’ve also had a very high quality education in the classroom and developed some fantastic relationships with faculty members here, especially in the Chemistry Department. All of these aspects of the Linfield education have come through in my applications to summer research programs for two years in a row now, and I feel truly lucky to be at a school that is constantly pushing its students to new heights!

So on that note I’ll be signing off for now, but stay tuned next week as I talk about the ACS meeting as well as this summer as I’ll do my best to be blogging from MIT!

Til next time,


P.S. It’s Pi Day, so here are some celebratory Pi Day themed comics!

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