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Kevin: An Introduction to Greek Life

In my time here at Linfield I’ve done a lot. I’ve taken classes in a number of subject areas, I’ve done research both on campus and at a top tier university, I’ve attended regional, national, and international conferences, and much more. One of the aspects of college life I had yet to experience was Greek Life. That changed last week as I rushed the Delta Alpha Chapter of the Theta Chi Fraternity here at Linfield. Three brothers from the fraternity were on my study abroad trip to Mexico, and we had a number of conversations about the brotherhood, enough so that I was convinced to check it out. Also, my Dad is a brother of Theta Chi (Epsilon Kappa Chapter, University of Idaho), so I believe this is something that can definitely bring us closer together.

I originally didn’t think joining a fraternity was for me, and this is mainly due to the fact that pop culture has done a great job of creating a stereotype of Greek life that is very inaccurate. All that we ever see is party party party, and there is never any mention of the philanthropy, service, and brotherhood that are pillars of the experience one has in a fraternity. I can’t speak for other fraternities as I don’t know what they are all about, but I can already tell that the gentleman of Theta Chi are a special group. I am honored to be a pledge in one of the most prestigious fraternities on college campuses all over the world, and I definitely plan to write more about this experience!

Til next time,