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Kiera: March Madness

Happy March everyone!

February was busy with a lot of studying and keeping on top of homework as professors gave out more and more.  Things seem to be settling down and people seem to have their routines.  It was great to see so many prospective students show up for Competitive Scholarship Day!!  I hope everyone who came had a blast.  I enjoyed getting to meet so many wonderful people to are excited about college!!  I rearranged my schedule a little to make sure that I could dedicate enough time to sufficiently study for all of my classes.  Sadly, I dropped German, but in exchange I added Power Lifting for one credit and that course is laid back and the instructor is able to work with all of us individually.

March is that time of the semester again where everyone seems to have at least one exam of some sort.  I have two on Thursday!!  Eww. I have been doing so much studying and hopefully it all pays off during my exams this Thursday.

I have been running again and I want to do the Pi Day 5k run that we have at Linfield every year as well as a 10k in late April.  I am excited for both and have already made up a work-out plan to help me reach both of those goals.

3 weeks until spring break!  I can hardly believe it.  That is so soon!  In some ways it feels like we just started the semester and in others it feels like we’ve been plugging along for a while.

Have a great week and enjoy the spontaneous bursts of sunshine!!