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Dana: March Madness, Goals for Spring?

Hello out there!

My week started with my alarm going off and rain pouring down, slightly un-inviting to go out for a run. So I didn’t. It was that simple! Luckily I have a break between my two classes today where I could put in a quick run instead. And guess what? Now it’s beautiful and sunny. So March begins.

My hall event of going to Incahoots, the local tea, flower, gift shop is officially happening this Sunday! I am excited to do some hall bonding and exploration of yummy teas.

This weekend was an exciting one for me, as I had a very good race at Champeog State Park. It was my first 10K since last Spring track, and it went really well. Training hard while doing school and work can be a challenge, but I was reassured this weekend that I can still do it! Even stress-free! It got my brain juices going, and thinking about marathon training… Below is a picture with my boy and our 1st place age group metals! (We were more tired than we look in this picture).


What are your goals for the Spring? So far mine have been going well. I have managed my school work really well, making it a priority each day.  Elkinton Hall’s well-being has been another priority for me this semester as well. Being the RA, I wanted to make more of an effort to listen to the needs and wants of our hall. Reading (for fun), and sleep are the next small goals I have for spring. Ideas on books to read?

PI day is coming up! On March 14, Linfield is putting on a Pi Race 5K, that I hope to attend with my hall! It will be a nice time to incorporate some wellness learning into the hall, and residents would have choices to run, walk or support the race! More details to come.

Spring Visit Days are coming up! If you are an admitted student and have not yet visited Linfield, I highly recommend coming and enjoying one of our Spring Visits Days:

Monday, April 7

Friday, April 18

More information can be found here.

Happy March!