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Kevin: Preparing for another Research Conference

I am sorry if this starts to seem redundant, but I find myself yet again in preparation for another research conference that I will attend through the Chemistry Department here at Linfield. Tomorrow we head down to the University of Oregon for the Oregon Academy of Sciences Conference. Colleges and universities from all over the state of Oregon will send students and professors to present about their research and hear presentations from others. We will have three students from the Chemistry Department giving oral presentations in addition to students from the Biology Department giving poster presentations. At this point these things are becoming quite routine which is really weird to think about. It is usually not until graduate school or beyond that students have these kinds of opportunities, and now I feel like I’ve been doing this so long that it’s just become the norm. These types of experiences will be invaluable to me as I continue my career in Chemistry in graduate school and beyond. We talk quite a bit about the “Power of a Small College” here at Linfield, and I’ve experienced this power more times than I may even realize at this point.

I’ll post some pictures from the conference next time I’m in the office!

Til next time,