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Dana: Life, Student Updates

Here is just an update on what is going on on the Linfield Campus, as well as in my life as I jump into my Spring Semester.

This Thursday I was invited to attend a lecture and dinner through the Religious Studies department, and I look forward to being there. Check out the link to provide more information on the speaker! I have yet to attended a guest speaker or professor that has not impressed me, so I try to catch as many of our visiting speakers as possible.

This Friday our hall is having a movie night with tons of snacks and hanging out involved. I look forward to getting into my pajamas at 8pm and snuggling in a blanket while watching movies this Friday.

Saturday is our MLK Day, where we have different service projects going on. Students sign up online and chose which area in the community they’d like to serve, and I chose to attend a assisted living home to hang out with some wise ladies and gentlemen. I am very excited; Linfield puts on fantastic services events throughout the year. In the afternoon my friend and I are planning to drive to a beautiful place to run in the afternoon.

Sunday is my good friend’s birthday, and her mom and aunt will be visiting so we will be doing something fun for her birthday and I will be attending! Also, I have a coffee/study date with a friend, which always makes homework and reading a whole lot of more fun.

In a few weeks I have a 10K race coming up in Champoeg State Park which is very beautiful and not too far away from McMinnville. I camped there last Spring, so I am excited to race there.

I am off for today, but will return as always!

Happy Wildcat Wednesday!