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Kiera: Bring on Spring!

What an exciting week it has been!  I started it off with my 21st birthday and I had a great time hanging out with my friends!  We are also going to get our nails done!  There was over 8 inches of snow on the ground and the last time it snowed this much at the beginning of February was 21 years ago!  I made a snow angel and I even made a snow cake and I really enjoyed running around in the snow!!

With all of the snow and ice on the ground classes were cancelled for Monday.  As exciting as this was, some professor still sent assignments and it just means more to do later.  :/  So, what classes am I taking?  I am taking French 202, German 202, Theories: Counseling & Psychotherapy, and Design & Analysis.  Taking two foreign languages can be challenging at times but it is manageable.  I am excited to be reading a short novel or two in each of those classes.  I think that Theories: Counseling & Psychotherapy is going to be a really interesting and insightful class.  Design & Analysis is research methods and statistics combined into one class and it is required for psychology majors.  I like math so I am excited about the statistics part and I have already noticed some course overlap with intro to cognition which I took last semester. :)

Good Luck to everyone who is taking a test this weekend for Competitive Scholarship Day and don’t forget that the application deadline is this Saturday, February 15th!