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Kevin: An interesting start to the semester

Those of you outside the Pacific Northwest may not know that we had a huge winter storm come through at the end of last week. It started snowing Thursday afternoon, and continued to snow fairly steadily all the way into Saturday. We ended up getting close to a foot of snow here in McMinnville, which was the most snow the town had seen in about 5 years. Needless to say this caused quite a few problems as students had to travel back to campus to start the semester. Thankfully the administration here at Linfield was on top of the forecast and cancelled classes for Monday to allow students more time to return to campus safely. As for me, I had stayed on campus over Jan Term break, so I got to just sit in my apartment and watch the madness. My roommate and I did venture out and make the trek over to Albertson’s to get some supplies, and that was a lot of fun as we trudged through snow up to our shins. All in all it has led to an interesting start to the semester, but I’m definitely glad to be back. While it’s nowhere near as warm as it was in Mexico, I’ve definitely appreciated the return to normalcy.

photo Here’s my view from my apartment as I relaxed and watched the snow.

On another note, I’m really excited for Competitive Scholarship Day this weekend. As a former CSD participant myself it definitely brings back memories of my fantastic visit to Linfield three years ago. I look forward to helping ensure that all of you attending CSD have the same great experience that I did.

Til next time,