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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Morgan: Radio Show

Tonight marks the first night of my own Linfield College radio show! My show will be every Monday night from 7pm – 9pm! Because I am a mass communications major, I am required to take either a broadcasting or newspaper class. I chose broadcasting and as a requirement for that class, I have to have […]

Dana: Learning outside of a classroom

Happy Monday Y’all! My friend texted me today, “This may be the best week of our lives, Dana. Have a good day!” How could you not have a good day after that start? So here’s to a life-changing week. Well, to be honest, my life already changed this weekend. February is Black History Month, and […]

Kevin: Preparing for another Research Conference

I am sorry if this starts to seem redundant, but I find myself yet again in preparation for another research conference that I will attend through the Chemistry Department here at Linfield. Tomorrow we head down to the University of Oregon for the Oregon Academy of Sciences Conference. Colleges and universities from all over the […]

Dana: Life, Student Updates

Here is just an update on what is going on on the Linfield Campus, as well as in my life as I jump into my Spring Semester. This Thursday I was invited to attend a lecture and dinner through the Religious Studies department, and I look forward to being there. Check out the link to […]

Morgan: Spring is in the Air!

Today marks the second week of the 2014 Spring Semester here at Linfield College. The first day was last Tuesday, February 11th. (Classes were cancelled Monday due to the snow). This semester I am taking 16 credits. The minimum amount of credits students can take is 12 and the maximum is 18. I am taking an Information […]