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Kiera: Camping in Mexico


I hope you all enjoyed your winter break.  I was glad to have some time to relax and see my family.

On January 6th I left with 10 other classmates to Baja California Sur.  We are embarking on a GREAT adventure and taking a class called Literary Biology in the Sea of Cortez.  It is AMAZING!!  We have class every other night.  Class consists of us sitting on the beach, sometimes around a campfire, for about an hour and discussing a part of the required reading before we left.  The required reading was a peer reviewed article, A Log in the Sea of Cortez, and The Pearl both by John Steinbeck.  The discussions are intellectually intense and really interesting.

The camping and kayaking have been great!!  We went along Isla Espirtu Santo and I’ve been learning a lot, outside of class too!!  I even learned how to pitch a tent and anchor it down to prevent it from blowing away with the wind.  We divided into groups to help make breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food has been GREAT!!  It is really cool learning how to cook Mexican dishes with the twist of doing it on a propane stove with limited cooking utensils.  Sea kayaking is fantastic and the colors and views of the sea and the island are just spectacular!!  I have never been snorkeling before and we’ve been snorkeling twice already.  I’ve seen lots of vibrant fish, urchins and brightly colored sea stars!!  We’ve hiked through some canyons on the occasional afternoon and the scenery is fantastic.  The canyons are very rocky so at times we were practically rock climbing which was just fantastic!!  Along with all of the rocks there are a lot of cacti and prickly plants, but there will be a river or pond to cool down in.

It’s been warm during the day so it feels like summer and sometimes I forget that it is really actually January and not July.

Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!!