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Dana: Oregon Experiences

Jan term is ALREADY about half way over!!

This is hard to believe since it’s only been two weeks! This is my favorite time of the school year, and it has been absolutely fantastic- relaxing, working and enjoying free time.

Here is a little of what is going on in my low-key life this month:

  • I’m hosting a tea party this Friday for my residents and friends to enjoy some relaxing or invigorating warm drink. I am a huge tea fan, and have an embarrassing collection, so I can’t wait to share the warmth!
  • I will be heading to the CatCab tonight, which is very exciting for me to have excess time on a Thursday night to head over and listen to the performance! This week we are having a special guest- Svet, a Hip-Hop VIOLINIST! So…  crazy! Svet has been featured on ABC, BET, MTV and America’s Got Talent
  • I am taking Zumba and it has been FANTASTIC. It is the best way to end each day M-TH and a great alternative exercise beyond my daily running. Now, I just need to figure how to moonwalk…
  • I am looking forward to attending the Linfield Basketball games, Men and Women’s teams take on Whitworth this Saturday with some friends.
  • I am officially a Blazer fan. I went to my third game last night and did not encourage my voice to recover from being sick…! Lots of yelling, laughing cheering and screaming. Last year I got into going to some games and following them a bit, and miraculously this year, they are fantastic! It’s fun to have such a fantastic NBA team so close, in Portland!!
  • READING FOR FUN! It’s about time! I am continuing my goal to read for fun, and the Linfield library has lots of fun books to read that I can just check out! It has been wonderful.

That is all for now!