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Morgan: January Term & CatCab

Well it’s that time of year again. The time where the Holiday break is (unfortunately) over and students everywhere are heading back to college. However, some of the Linfield students are dong just the opposite.

Here at Linfield College, we have a short semester we like to call Jan Term (January Term). Its a short, one month semester that is optional for students to take. Linfield students can do one of three things during this Jan Term. They can either:

  • Stay home and have an extra long holiday break
  • Study abroad for the duration of the Jan Term
  • Come on campus and enroll in 3-5 credits

Last Jan Term, I was planning on coming to campus and taking an acting class. However, at the last minute I came down with pneumonia. I had to call and cancel my class and stay home for Jan Term. Whereas, I couldn’t have gotten sick at a better time, I was still SO bummed that I was missing Jan Term.

Because students on campus are only taking 3-5 credits, it is a much more relaxed feeling on campus. Students have more time to relax rather than worrying about other classes.

Another thing I noticed when I came back to Linfield in the Spring that year, was that the people who had spend Jan Term together had become so much closer. These people had created stronger friendships that I unfortunately had to miss out on.



So this Jan Term, I was determined to spend it on campus. This year I am taking a Visual Communications class and Zumba! I go to my Visual Communications class from 9am-noon M-Th and Zumba from 6-7pm M-Th. All together I am taking 5 credits. I LOVE both of these classes! But best of all, I have so much time to relax, watch Netflix, get more work hours in and just become closer with some of my fellow classmates.

Here is my Zumba class last night! It was Linfield theme night! :)
Today marks the end of the first week of Jan Term. And because Jan Term is so condensed, it also marks the first quarter or the term.

Last night, Thursday, Linfield Activities Board (LAB) put on a CatCab event. This is an event that LAB puts on every Thursday night. This event takes place in the Fred Meyer Lounge (FML). Either a student or professional performer will come and play for the student body.

Last night, my friend Logan Mays was the performer chosen for the CatCab. Logan was nice enough to let me sing with him! We sang a duet to “Breakeven” by The Script. It was such a fun event and just another reason why I am so happy with my decision of coming to Linfield.

I hope to see you soon!